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Where can I find ebony armor?

Where can i find ebony armor? I have the boots, curiass, greaves, and shield, i just need the rest of the set.

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aJokerintheDeck answered:

Umbra carries a full set of this armor, you can find her in Vindasel, although it is one of the toughest fights in the game.

When you are level 15, maruaders should begin to carry this armor.
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Anithis answered:

Just to add to the previous post - Umbra's armor is leveled, meaning the higher level you are, the better quality the armor will be when you receive it (up to level 15). However, Umbra's ebony armor is a few armor points shy of the protection of regular ebony armor, so if you find regular ebony armor use that instead.

A good source of marauders is in most forts, but there is a lot of them in Rockmilk Cave (NNW of leyawiin, just follow the road north and northwest of Water's Edge).
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G4RR3N answered:

If your well equiped go find Umbra in Vindase; like JokerintheDeck said but bring a good shield and a good amount of healing potions and bring good weapons because my first Umbra fight i was level 3 and my sword broke when she first attacked
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socalledfreeman answered:

Lol umbras easy, i just poisoned my enchanted ebony bow then went in for kill with glass claymore....
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madmike2000 answered:

I killed umbra in about 2-3 hits,at level 7,with an akiviri katana,shes not that hard
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maleman24 answered:

Umbra has full ebony just not as good, but when your level 15, maurauders and bandits will start to wear it, a good place to find these people is in the Cursed Mine, follow the road west of Skingrad
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