Question from ImDeadSexy4Real

Where can I find a paralyze spell?

What city, who, and how much?


Sophizticated answered:

Paralyze is an Illusion skill right? Well since Bravil is in charge of the Illusion portion of the mages guild. I would try the Mage's Guild in Bravil. It shouldn't take long.
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Borissian, Gasper,or Raminus Polus sell very powerful spells (including paralyze spells) at the university. assuming you can cast them since your illusion needs to be at 50 to cast even a 3 second one.
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poweradefan100 answered:

Try Bravil. I know Raminus Polus has one too.
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Destiny_3000 answered:

You can get a potion of it at Anvil's Mages Guild on the top floor on a unit... but there's one bottle of the stuff so duplicate to get more!

Spell version I don't know, sorry!
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

Free spell, any level, from the Serpent stone south of Fort Blueblood near Leyawiin.
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