Question from ryce95

Where can i find black soul gems?

Im looking for black soul gems to get the dadric artficat n i can not find a black soul gems HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


angelsdontkill answered:

You can make them yourself at Dark Fissure, Fort Istirus, Fort Linchal, or Wendelbek. All of those locations have altars outside of them. Here is the process:

- Wait for a purple light in the sky to shine down on the altar (this may take a few days of waiting)
- Put an empty grand soul gem inside the altar
- Cast a soul trap spell on the altar
- Open it up, and your grand soul gem will now be black

Or you can randomly find them on the bodies of Necromancer Adepts after you kill them.
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Choadaload666 answered:

What he said.
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