Question from 24bob96

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get dark dragon armor?

I want to wear dark dragon armor and my blank hand robe and black hand hood all at the same time?

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From: angelsdontkill 4 years ago

In all my years of Oblivion, I've never heard of dark dragon armor.
Nevertheless, you can't wear armor and black hand robes at the same time. With some robes you can wear gauntlets or boots, but since the black hand robes have gloves and shoes, you can't.

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What on earth is Dark Dragon Armor? Did you make it yourself? And it is impossible to wear a robe with a Cuirass and greaves. Your only permitted to wear Gauntlets and Boots with normal robes, As angelsdontkill stated before.

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There is no such thing as dark dragon armor, unless it's mod you have seen on youtube or something.

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