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How do i level up to level 2?

I need help on leveling up to level to anyone plz help me?

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Kwapplesauce answered:

If you already have the stats raised and are ready to level, you must sleep to actually level up.
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Shadow__myth answered:

Leveling on this game is rather different than other RPG games. Everytime you level up one of your major skills, you get an experince point. You need ten experince points to level up. If you're not sure what your major skills are, check your stats (press b, then go on the first tab).
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poweradefan100 answered:

You know those 7 skills you picked in the tutorial? Those are your major skills. You have to train those skills to get to level 2. For example, if one of your major skills is Blade, you have to kill a bunch of stuff. Or if one is alteration, you can cast an unlock spell at a door or something repeatedly.

If you chose some bad ones for your Major Skills, I'd recreate your character.
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