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Where can I find Guard Cuirass?

Hey, playing 360.

Does anyone know where to get the different city guard chainmail cuirass' without killing/robbing a guard for it?

ethanarchib provided additional details:

See here's the thing? finished everything in the game before, but my main caracter then is a heavy armour user, so didn't get much use out of both


Captain Byrd of Kvatch's armour (cause he did die & was replaced in mine)
& the female guard you have to assasinate in a Dark Drotherhood quest

Spoiler End

Tried stealing it off a sleeping guard in barracks of chorrol & it worked, but he didn't automatically get a replacement & so walks around chorrl in a normal shirt


RCT2Man answered:

Yeah... no. You can't accualy get one of those. I don't even think you can get it by hacking. I think when they created the game, they made the Guards without accual skin and abs and stuff. Instead, they made the skin look like the armor looks like it was on, but they just made it the skin. I even killed a gaurd once and he didn't have it on him. The point is, they made the skin look like the armor so it'd trick people into thinking they could accualy kill a gaurd, and then look like them.-DEEP BREATH-.
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

There is but its involving the main quest with martin and it start at what used to be Kvatch. you just get lcuky to find a dead guard or you start a street fight (summon something and hit 3 times...REPEATEDLY) be warned that you'll get into trouble
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