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How do I (close the first gate of oblivion in kvatch)?

I went to the blood well, talked to brother martin and i still havent closed the gate of oblivion. PLEASE HELP!

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Oh and i also went very far i found alot of corpse crushers a bit pased where the blood well is.

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Now please just type in how without anymore tech problem stuff cuz i just bought this game 4 days ago.

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And theres no way in hell that there would be any tech probs on a game copy that was bought 4 days ago.

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plucky027 answered:

This game is riddled with bugs, more than you could imagine. There is a community created mod patch for the PC version which fixes over 1,800 known bugs in the base game, the majority of which also exist on the console version, and that doesn't even cover them all. And a 2nd patch which fixes 270 known bugs in the Shivering Isles expansion. You are going to have more "tech probs" than you can handle, it makes absolutely no difference that you just bought this game 4 days ago, the bugs are still there.

Closing Oblivion Gates requires entering a room called Sigillum Sanguis and removing the Sigil Stone. Generally the door for this room will be locked and require a key to open, which generally drops from an NPC right by it.

If you had not already closed the gate you'd not have reached Martin yet. The game progresses, that once the gate is closed you will talk to the guard and enter the city to reach the church where Martin is trapped. At that point you can simply talk to Martin and leave to continue the main quest line. The other quest you get to finish cleaning out Kvatch is optional.

If the gate is not closed and allowed you to continue on to find Martin, your game is bugged, which is the cause for confusion and why I asked for additional information. I can't determine what exactly is happening, without more information on everything you did, in detail.
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plucky027 answered:

Either the gate is actually closed and you are confused as to how the outcome works... or your game is bugged and you'll need to reload from a previous save.

Either way, you'd need to provide a lot more information to determine which has occurred.
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