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Can you own a house?

Where and how.

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ItzLim answered:

You can own a house in every city in the game. (except for Kvatch obviously) But the costs of each one varies. They go by the order least - most.

1) Imperial City Shack - 2000 gold; bought from Vinicia Melissaeia in the City Marketplace's Office of Commerce.

2) Bravil House - 4000 gold; Count Regulus Terentius in the Bravil Castle

3) Anvil House - 5000 gold; from Velwyn Benirus in the Count's Arms. (Note: you need to finish a quest in order to make the house an actual livable one)

4) Leyawiin House - 7000 gold; bought from Count Marius Caro in the Castle of Leyawiin.

5) Bruma House - 10,000 gold; bought from Countess Narina Carvain in the Castle of Bruma.

6) Cheydinhal House - 15,000 gold; bought from Count Andel Indarys in his appropriate castle.

7) Chorol House - 20,000 gold; from Countess Arriana Valga in her (surprise) castle.

8) Skingrad Mansion - 24,000 gold; from Shrum Gro-Yarug in the Skingrad Castle, around the entrance.

You can also buy DLC houses - such as the Vile Lair, Battlehorn Castle, Frostcrag Spire, etc. You can use this link to find their appropriate sellers.
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Aladino_The_Boy answered:

No you cant own a house but you can sleep in one !
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