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Asked: 3 years ago

Why can't I use the Arrow of Extrication?

When I get to the big statue and stand on the pressure plate, the statue spins around and shows me the key hole, but when I go to equip the arrow, it tells me I can't use a quest item. Do I have to kill all the bad guys in the room? Or is this a glitch?

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From: angelsdontkill 3 years ago

It is a glitch. Here are a few workarounds from

If you are unable to equip the Arrow of Extrication and text appears saying you cannot fire this quest arrow, hot key the Arrow of Extrication and try equipping it through the hot key. If this does not work try equipping various other arrows and then try again and it should work. However, if the text "cannot fire quest arrow" or "cannot equip quest item" is still appearing, there's one last thing you can try: Walk your character to the keyhole pillar itself, and when prompted, activate it. Nothing will happen, but, once you've done this, when you return to the pressure point where you are meant to fire the arrow from, and try equipping it, it will work now that you've "activated" the pillar. Finally, make sure you are centered on the pressure plate, as you cannot equip the arrow unless you are directly on top of the plate.

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You CAN actually duplicate this piece!

However, you won't be able to sell it even when the quest is eventually complete as the game thinks it's still required in the mission!

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Try using an ordinary bow instead of an enchanted (higher level) one. I had the same problem trying to shoot the Extraction arrow with a Daedric bow. Worked with silver bow found on one of the skeletons killed in the room.

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