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Asked: 6 years ago

Best place to find Glass Armor?

I have only found a few peices of it the armor and can't seem to find anymore of it.

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From: MayjorGamer 6 years ago

For Glass Armor to start apearing in dungeons of any sort, you need to reach level 20+. Once you are this level, you should try looting dungeons that include bandits. It may take long for you to obtain a full set of Glass Armor depending on your luck level. It also helps if yo go into a large dungeon.

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Bandits wear light armor so check bandit dungeons -

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Rockmilk cave overflows with light armor try there.

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The Roxy Inn, North-east of the Imperial City.

Depending on your level, four NPCs inside of the Inn will have the highest available armor sets for your level. I went in at level 13, and found someone wearing full Dwarven sets.

If you can't find a glass-helmet, Fin Gleam is always fun!

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