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Where can I find (Daedra armor)?

Is there a way i can get a full set of daedra armor? if so were?

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xud9dab2 answered:

Daedric armor will appear at level 20+ as random loot, Daedra armor (save for the shield IIRC) is not playable. They look exactly the same, though they have different statistics
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XDivineLeaderX answered:

It's fairly common as random loot in later levels, like in the mid 20s, impossible to get at lower levels though
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Akivari answered:

At level 20 you can get a full set, (including the helmet that people have trouble finding) from this person at the roxey inn. [Found here: http: ]

You lower the persons disposition to around zero, try to speak to her and she'll attack you, starting a hilarious bar fight.
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scorpionkng350z answered:

Just go into an oblivion gate and if you are level 20 you can kill a daedra guy and take his armor. Just a heads-up though, those dudes look wierd naked.
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Death_Master911 answered:

get to level 30 then go find the Shrine of Malacath.
The shrine of Malacath is located west of Fort Sutch near Kvatch and Anvil.
Give him Troll Fat and then he'll send you to a cave to free his ogres, in there should be Mineshaft Guards, Kill them and loot their bodies they will have Daedric, the commander has the Helm and Cuirass i think and one of em has the greaves and boots and the other may have the shield if not then head into an oblivion gate for the shield.
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