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Asked: 6 years ago

Mace of zenithar?

Im on a platfor mwith nothing else around how do i get to the tower with the mace

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From: Death_Master911 5 years ago

You simply need the Boots Of Kynareth BTW Kynareths challenge is the challenge of Tolerance, you wait in a particular spot, a bear shows up, DO NOT KILL OR ATTACK IT, you must block it's attacks until Kynareth deems you worthy, very very easy, then once you have the boots go back for the mace and there will be a path you can walk, it is basically in the information you get given, Zenithar and Kynareth work together. It's that simple. JUST DONT ATTACK OR KILL THE BEAR, ONLY BLOCK IT'S ATTACKS.

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do the quest for the boots of the crusader. When your wearing the boots a path will appear for you to walk on.

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You need the boots before you get the mace i always find its bets to get the boots ASAP

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Follow my instructions above and you should be able to get it.

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Its exactly what death_master911 said if you get the the boots off kynarerth you walk straight across

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