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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find empty grand soul gems?

Most of them have souls in them when i buy them.

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From: DarkLink_Hyrule 6 years ago

You can get some from each of the Mage's Guilds, but they may not be empty.
You should be able to buy one from Mystic Emporium and it should be empty.
Other than that you could try some caves that have Necromancers in them.

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The main building in the Arcane University has i think two empty grand soul gems and one grand soul gem with a grand soul. All three are under a locked display case.
(very hard lock)

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You can also find some in random loot. VERY occasionally, you can get a Grand Soul Gem with a Grand Soul in it in loot. That all depends on your Luck (both in-game and real).

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In the arcane university there is a display case with I think 3 of them and all you have to do is pick the lock, grab them and duplicate them. If you dont no how to duplicate items search "oblivion duplication glitch" on youtube.

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Buy/find any soul gems and use it on an enchanted weapon

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You have to search some dungeons and you have to take them from the sacrafice table and deal with the
evil gods that they wheree giving them to but some of them have souls in them but not alot of them do.

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Steal them from the mages guild! is it not obvius? i mean its the safeist way!

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U can get them at the mages guilds, some can be found some must be bought, almost all the time at the mystic emporium [imperial city] or rarely can be found, hope this helped, if not tuff luck!

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What do u need it for?

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More often then not there should be at least one in every mages guild, just talk to the alch seller if they have one, and the mystic emporium in the IC. Then there are 3 grands you can steal from a display on the first floor in the Arcane Uni. At least one of them should be empty if your lucky 2.

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if you are on the PC version you can use the console to add the item to your inventory - use ~ to open the console. then type -
additem 00015B8E 1
he probably wants this to create the black soul gem. you need an empty grand soul gem in order to do this. the item ID for a empty black soul gem is 00000192.
Note: if the ~ button does not open the console check your key bindings in options to see what it is bound to. depending on your keyboard it may be bound to different keys.
if you are on the console version of the game you can definately get an empty grand soul gem from the arcane university in the imperial city as mentioned in other posts. it is under a very hard lock inside of a display case right as you go in. best time to steal this is during the middle of the night since most mages loiter in this area during the day. they can also be purchased at most magical and alchemical shops.
during the necromancer's moon quest you are sent to the dark fissure exactly when you can create the black soul gem. during the quest you can watch and NPC create the black soul gem then you can either steal it or kill him and take it.
I hope this helps.

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Go to any mage guild, talk to the leader, then you will have access to everything in every guild, in every city.

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