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Spell uses?

1: What does a demoralize spell do?
2: What does a rally spell do?
3: What does a dispel spell do?

And what is the best type of creature to summon in a conjuration spell?


Griffmstr answered:

Demoralize sells damage weapons and armor.
Rally is the command spell that forces people to fight for you.
And dispel spells take off spell effects on you (drain health, drain fatigue, drain magica, etc)

I'm not too sure about the conjuration creature. I assume it would be a daedric one... and the most owerful i've faught, to me... is the Daedroth (the aligator) but I'm not exactly sure
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dark_lorican answered:

Demoralize calms down your oppeonents and mwking them less likely to kill you r
Rally make your alies go into a killing frenzy
Dispel takes of magical defences on your or opponents (use it in the bruma mages guild quest easy way to find jskar life detection and the use dispell and hell apear)
best creature to summon i would say would depend on what you fighting if its creatures a ghost on is best no damage taken from the
for vampires anything that does fire damage
but i always like to you xilave
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skilz2_kill answered:

Demoralize makes your enemies run away for a short time before reentering the battle
Rally stops NPCs from running away (whether you use it on an ally or an enemy) so it basicly makes them brave
Dispell gets rid of any magical effects on you (if it is a self spell) or others (touch or target spells). This gets rid of buffs on your enemies or effects on you like the drain magicka or health etc. that wraiths use alot.

The best conjuration creature to summon is the Xivilai (the big blue daedra) You need level 100 conjuration to use the spell of course, but it is worth it because he packs a powerful punch.
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Dragour answered:

demoralize - causes an enemy to fear you more, if it is high enough they will do a runner and you can either shoot them with arrows or spells as they flee (for the duration of the spell)
rally- the complete opposite of demoralize, best used on allies obviously but say if an enemy gets wounded and decides you flee from the battle, cast a strong enough rally spell on them and they will return, but casting it on the Adoring Fan can be useless as he dies as much as he runs.
dispel- removes bad effects from you or good effects from enemies, so if you have a duration fire spell or drain/damage health then a strong enough dispel will remove it. As for the enemies, it removes their healing (duration) and other defensive spells like shields, and even summoned creatures.

"And what is the best type of creature to summon in a conjuration spell?"

Depends on the situation, if you're fighting lots of magic users then the Liche is usually a good choice, otherwise the Daedroth is always trusty, cheap at high levels and can single handedly take on several imperial legions.
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

Old question, but for future one has mentioned the summon Dremora lord spell from Bruma mages guild. I have found that at whatever level I am playing, the most useful conjure for dungeon and oblivion world fights is fast moving (zombie, headless zombie, clannfear, and Dremora Lord) to keep the bad guys engaged and away from you. If you are playing at maximum difficulty or have a squishy character you might need a big blocker too, like a Frost Atro. and a Storm Atro. Dremora Lords have a fairly rapid attack so they end up doing more damage and killing things faster than xivilai with their slower but more powerful attacks.
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