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Asked: 5 years ago

What's the easiest way to get gold without cheating/duplicating?

I need to get some extra gold to pimp out my Figter's Stronghold, could any of you tell me how to get easy gold without cheating or duping?

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Any dungeon in particular? What's the best kind of potion to make profit with?

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What dungeon has bandits in it? (sorry for all the stupid questions)

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From: Dragour 5 years ago

After you complete both quests to do with Mazoga* then you can raid Rock Milk every three days, sell the black bows to the Count of Leyawin and the rest of the loot (lots of expensive stuff) to the blacksmith in Anvil, the first building to your right when entering-he is an Apprentice merchant and has 1000gp.

*Ask the count "service to Leyawin"

The next would be alchemy, mark every farm on your map- Lord Drad's Estate (north of Anvil), the two farms between Kvatch and Skingrad, the farm east of Weynon Priory and get access to the Arcane University-then every three days go to every location (including Skingrad grape/tomatoe farms) and make potions, heaps and heaps of potions, you can make thousands every three days.

Once you reach master in alchemy and have the Rosenthorn Manor (Skingrad) with the Servant, make endless shepard pie potions (your maid makes them)

Last would be raiding necromancer and conjurer dungeons, the scrolls and potions you find are worth heaps and weigh near nothing.

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Alchemy/Dungeon Diving.

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Any dungeons with bandits (they drop the most valuable stuff).

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Just do dungun dives the leaders drop rare loot that can be sold for high gold.

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search Ayleid ruins and look for the casks they seem to always have a lot of gold or rare items

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Have you finished the arena if not you can get alot of gold from that, also a good cave to loot is rockmilk cave the higher your level the better the stuff like if your lvl. 25 you'll find dedaric, and glass armour there its also pretty funny there becuse 2 groups of bandits are fighting constatly

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Arena and at Kvatch find the Imperial Gaurds bodies and sell their armor

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Become Head OF The Fighters Guild And Set It To Get Contracts Then Every In Game Month Go To The Guildmasters Chest And Get Your Cash.

Get The Grey Cowl Of Nocturnal Then Wear It Steal Things Take It Off And Sell Them

Become Head Of The Mages Guild And Use The Enchanted Chest On Rare Ingredients To Dupe Them And Sell The Ones You Don't Need

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The Greenmead cave has alot of loot. just sell all the loot. plus I like to steal from The Fighting Chance in the market district. There is a lot of armor to steal and sell.

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