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Unmarked Cave key?

There's a door in the Unmarked Cave that requires a key, but I can't find it in any of the accessible areas of the cave. Where can I get it?

Accepted Answer

Dragour answered:

That cave is an unfinished cave that Bethesda either didn't remove or forgot to remove the key scripting as it was originally going to be the home to the Red Queen which was a quest to do with the Black Queen, there is a little information about it when talking to one of the inn owners in Cheydinal-Bethesda also forgot to remove the conversation script there too
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abigscarybear answered:

In unmarked cave there are many hidden doors besides the main ones i don't know about the key but i went through using all the hidden doors
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greenyoshi067 answered:

There is no key and you can only acces the first zone if you want to know more go
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