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Drain Skill trainer Trick does it work anymore?

Why doesn't anyone say anything about this trick it's the best I really dont want to leave my 360 on for 3 days just to go you from apprentice to expert. Has any of you masters of oblivion tried this yet?

Destiny_3000 asked for clarification:

Problem is though that yes this does work as shown in Youtube (NOT BY ME) and no because no one knows how the clever git did it in the first place.

The guy said to purchase a "Drain Skill" spell from someone in Anvil's Mages Guild, and then travel to the place but I've forgotten its name for making enchantments or spells and make up your Drain Skill spell.

I believe I've seen times when certain spells would become available if you leveled higher in a particular field , i.e. Conjuration, etc for a Drian Skill option to pop up in your 'Make a spell' option menu's.

You'd have to watch the link in YouTube and should be under:
Cheats for Oblivion on 360.

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Alilatias answered:

Um... I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say, but as far as I know, something like that has never really worked to my knowledge.

Draining your own skills (as drain [skill] works now) lowers your skill level in something, but it does not lower your BASE skill level. It does not make manual skill leveling any faster. It will still take about 1 hour or running to level Athletics from 1 to 2 if you had previously lowered it from a base level of 70 something through Drain Skill.

The only advantage that draining skills has that I know of is that it will allow you to train using the lower level trainers. (cheaper cost, no annoying quest to get the master trainer to train you, master trainer is sometimes already dead anyways, etc.)
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IHasCheezburger answered:

this trick DOES NOT work because of the fact that you can only train 5 times per level.
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Mossdeep2 answered:

you might be thinking of morrow wind. there you could train till your 100, or your talking about lowering it to like 0 and working on it manuely, but that can mess up part of the game which has like a 1 in 3 chance of messing up.. The designers made it much harder to get free lvs.
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DarthArtemis answered:

No you can not because one you can only train 10 times per level, and the new patch stops this from working. If somehow you get it to work and you level up to quickly it can mess up the code making your health go down or something with the same variable. (I did this and it made my health go crazy) had to delete him.
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Scythe142 answered:

Yes, You can still lower your own skill's so that you do not have to pay a trainer quite as much, and you can use the lower level trainer's to get a skill to 100.
This is a good way to get the +5 in attributes that are a bit harder to train.
Like the others pointed out, you can only use this 5 times a level, but that doesn't really matter, now does it? I mean, by level 20, you can have your mercantile to 100, and all for a low price of 5K.
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