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Asked: 5 years ago

Has anyone ever found the Superior Bound Armor spell?

I've had the Spell Tomes dlc ever since it came out, and I've never come across this one before; can anyone point me where it might show up? Also, the UESP says the spells can actually be bought at vendors; is this true? Thanks!

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Thanks, but the spell tome I'm talking about apparently conjures a full set of armor at's the link from UESP, for reference:

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Note on last post: I know it says "Construction Set only", but the Spell Tome entry says it adds a lot of spells that were originally just in the CS; plus, the guide that came out for the DLC refers to it, so I know it's in there, just can't find it.....

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Thanks, Instigator! That helps a lot! (On a side note, I found you can actually create the damn thing yourself, for as long a duration as your magicka allows! Figures, but thanks for the help!)

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From: instigator1230 5 years ago

There are Tomes for some vendor spells, which means you can learn the spell from the Tome for free, rather than paying a spell merchant to teach you. Yes, the Superior Bound Armor Tome does exist in the game, but the randomization in recieving Tomes in loot makes it fairly random as to what Tomes you will recieve.

There's an active thread in which masterpug does an exceptional job of explaining the easiest way to get every Tome.

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There is a Bound Cuirass (Conjuration 50) for sale from Athragar in the Chorral Mages guild if this helps.

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