Question from CheeseDogX

Asked: 3 years ago

Is there a temple/chapel in Imperial City where I can cure a disease?

I just started playing Oblivion, and I got infected with Swamp Fever. I've read that you can go to a Chapel to get diseases cured, and people I've spoken to in Imperial City have suggested that there's one there, but I can't find it. Is there one, and where is it located, or should I go to another town?

Accepted Answer

From: Galactic_Venus 3 years ago

The Temple of the One has a single altar, available after the Main Quest, that provides the usual restoration of a central altar as well as the especially powerful blessing Favor of Akatosh which fortifies Luck and Personality 25 points each for 24 hours.

Until you've finished the main quest, you have to go to another city's Chapel.

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