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Asked: 3 years ago

Can you help me find the Goldbrand sword?

i hear of a sword called Goldbrand, its a deadric sword and i need help finding it.. i dont know where to find it, i only know you need to go to a shrine to activate the quest necessarty to find it. i dont know the name of the shrine, though.

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I've never heard of this Goldbrand sqord ever...And I've played Oblivion for years. Check the site Daedric Shrine guide and if it doesn't show for any of the shrines, then its most likely an add-on.

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And I did find this sword you speak of. You'll to go to the Shrine of Boethia for this blade. I hope this helped.

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What Spartan_Jedi117 said, but you'll need requirements. Go to for compete instructions.

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