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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Noveni Othran Missing? 0
Problems with the gray fox? 0
Failed a rat problem? 1
Help with arena quest and orrerry quest. Has game has glitched on me!? 6
How can i get past the ultimate heist iron gate? 2
How do I do the (necromancer's Moon mission)? 5
How do I finish the last Thieves Guild quest? 2
How do I get advanced destruction training? 10
How do I get back to the place where your suppose to get the scroll for the Ultimate heist mission? 2
How do i kill baenlin from the dark brother hood quest? 4
How do I make quest markers invisible? 1
How do I pass the Elven Maiden Quest? 4
How do I solve (Glarthirs Quest)? 2
How do I solve (Miscarcand)? 4
How do I solve ahdarji's heirloom? 4
How do I solve Azani Blackheart? 2
How do i solve that puzzle in the hame cave/ayleid place? 4
How do I solve the coming storm??? 3
How do I solve the stenars mearcy quest? 1
How do i start the nocternal quest? 6
How do you get the piller unlocked in the Vatacn's Sercret quest? 4
How do you start the Imperal Orrery mission? 3
I am suck as a vampire cause of this witch not taking the bloodgrass from me? 7
I can't finish the "following a lead" quest. any help? 5
I cant beat light the dragon fires? 1
I keep getting frozen when i try to complete the theives guild. Why? 7
I need help geting 5 grand soul gems? 8
I need help quest allies for bruma in anvil? 3
Is this a glitch in Ulterior Motives? 2
More gates? 9
Mystery At Harlun's Watch? 1
Need help doing Knights of a white stallion quest? 7
Please help solving Order of the Virtuous Blood Quest? 5
Shivering Isle conspiracy quest question? 1
Shivering Isles: Lady of Paranoia.. I can't find Muurine?! 1
Shrine of malacath? 4
Shrine of Sanguine? 6
Suspended from mages guild? 3
The ultimate heist? What do i have to do?! 2
Trouble doing Imperial Corruption quest? 1
What exatct time do you have to do the Untaxing the poor quest? 3
What reward do I get for giving "Fingers of the Mountain" to the woman? 2
Where do i find all the clues for the quest in corrol????????? 2
Where Do I Find The Skingrad Count? 3
Where Do I Find The Tomb Key In The Fort? 1
Where do I find the villager's body in the mystery at harlun's watch quest? 2
Where is roxyinn? 5
Where is the body located in the quest Harlems disapperences? 2
Where is the messenger? 1
Which argonian should i stab with the enchanted dagger? 4
Why can't i activate the last thieves guild quest? 1
Why is this still a quest item? 3
Why won't my gate drop in the Ayleid Ruin called Miscarcand? 2
Accidental Sell, Help? 1
Ahdarji's Ring won't appear in the Jewelry box??? 6
AM I done? 1
Am i screwed? 9
Arrow of Extrication help? 6
Ayleid Statues? 3
Brush of death ? 1
Can i still get into the Blades? 4
Can i still join? 1
Can I take down the thieves guild? 1
Can I talk to people as a vampire? 10
CAn is till get th acheivment? 2
Can you be bad? 4
Can't finish thieves guild? 4
Can't get the diary? 10
caught in the hunt-when I take the boat? 4
Caught in the Hunt? 1
Cheydenhal Mages Guild recommendation??? 3
Cheydinhal Reccomandtion mages guild returned ring but can't find black soul gems in falcar's drawer any ideas? 3
Destruction Trainer? 2
Did my game glitch during the thieves guild? 1
Divine nine shrines help? 1
Do any of the dark brotherhood quests involve killing anyone from the mages guild? 2
Do i have to? 1
Does kvatch get rebulit????? 2
Doomstones? 3
Fighter's Stronghold Start? 2
Fighters Stronghold & Wizards Tower? 3
Final thrives guild quest? 2
For Vampirism quest, why won't the old lady won't make the cure? 5
Furnishings for Imperial City House? 1
Glitch in "Mystery at Harlum's Watch" quest? 1
Grove of Reflection key? 1
Help on a Theives' Guild quest. (Elven Maiden) ? 1
Horse armor quest? 5
How can i beat the Defence for Bruma Quest? 3
How can i beat the Defence for Bruma? 1
How can I finish the Daedric Shrine Quest Hermaeus Mora? 5
How can I finish this quest for Peryite? 3
How can i get the elder scrolls? 5
How do close the Chorrol Gate? 1
How do I (close the first gate of oblivion in kvatch)? 2
How do i activate the tomb in green emporor way?. 10
How do I Attack/Kill Caelia Draconis? (Dark Brotherhood) 2
How do I complete the "Shrine of Sanguine" quest without getting caught? 1
How do I enter the Arcane university? 1
How do I find Bothiel? 2
how do i find J'skar for one of the mages guild quests? 4
How do I find Ruphio? 7
How do I find the dragons tongue and the redwort flowers for the mage guild suspended mission? 2
How do I find the Grey Fox in Choorol? 2
How do I find the tears in tears of the savior ? 3
How do i finish "Mystery at Harluns Watch"? 1
How do I finish ahdarkji's ring quest for thevies guild? 1
How do I finish where spirts have lease? 1
How do I get out of the realm of Peryrite after I've capture all five souls? 5
How do i get past the iron gate in the room where you have to use the springheel boots to get into the hall of epochs? 3
How do I get rid of Astral Vapors Disease? 3
How do i get rid of old spells that are mine and ones that i bought? 1
How do I get someones disposition above the max? 2
How do I get the counts ring in the "thief Guild" when the character i should talk to is DEAD?? 10
How Do I Get Through the Loose Grate Back into the Hall of Epochs? 1
How do I join the "Knights of the Thorn"? 3
How do I join the Blades? 8
How do i lower my infamy points ? 2
How do I move the stone stairs in Nenalata? 3
How do i raise the steps in vahtacen? 1
How do I solve "A Cure for a Vampire" quest? 3
How do I solve (arrow of extraction)? 1
How do I solve (battlehorn castle)? 2
How do I solve (Dark Fissure)? 2
How do I solve (information at a price hunters)? 1
How do I solve (information at a price)? 3
How do I solve (Mora)? 3
How do I solve (Pale Pass)? 2
How do I solve (Sanguine)? 2
How do I solve (Spies)? 1
How do I solve A Venerable Vintage? 1
How do I solve Ahdarjis Heirloom quest ? 8
How do I solve Alchemy Training? 5
How do I solve Arrow Of Extrication? 1
How do I solve Azura? 8
How do I solve Boots of Springheel Jak? 2
How do I solve Buying a house in Skingrad? 4
How do I solve Canvas in the castle? 5
How do I solve cure for vampire? 1
How do I solve detric quest cashious vile? 4
How do I solve Dreamworld's trials? 2
How do I solve Harlen's Quest (Fighter's Guild)? 1
How do I solve legacy lost? 2
How do I solve Namira's Shrine? 2
How do I solve Repairing the Orrey? 1
How do I solve suspension? 1
How do I solve the Choral Painting Theft? 2
How do I solve the Pilgrimage quest? 3
How do I solve the potato snatcher? 1
How do I solve the stolen painting? plz help 1
How do I solve The Vampire Quest? 3
How do I solve trolls of the forsaken mine? 3
How do I solve unfinshed business? 2
How do I solve Untaxing the Poor? 1
How do I solve Vahtacen? 5
How do I solve vahtecan quest ? 1
How do I solve when the vow breaks? 3
How do I solve where ghosts have for lease? 1
How do I solve where the Rosethorn treaser is? 1
How do I start final theive's guild quest? 1
How do i start the Umbra Quest? 1
How do I trigger the quest after Harlun's Watch? 3
How do I work the switches in the ruins? 1
How do you beat the Sunguine Quest? 1
How do you complete the all the mages guild recomonddations? 4
How do you open the doors that say "opened remotly"? 1
How do you start the daedric quests? 3
How long do i need to wait and where until the grey fox come for me or whatever happens? 2
How many locations are there in Oblivion? 4
How many quests are there? 2
How to buy a house in Skingrad? 2
How To Cure Vampireism? 2
I can't get to the Count of Bravil...? 1
I can't move? 1
I cant do imperial corruption? 2
I keep waking up a vampire? Argonian Bandits? 1
I killed Farwil on accident, am I stuck in a glitch now? 3
idont want to be a vampire anymore how do i get the cure? Lucian lahance is dead. 4
Im having trouble with "taking care of lex" quest. Where is "The Stranger"? 1
In Castle Leyawiin I'm in the basement, where's the passage to alessia caro's room? 4
Is it a glitch? 1
Is The horror of dive rock real? 1
Joining thieves guild glitch? 3
Key of Hidden Wealth...found it, now what do I do with it? 1
Long Forgotten Note in Skingrad? 1
Mace of zenithar? 5
Mage quest- liberation or apprehension? 1
Mage's Guild suspension? 4
Main story? 7
Major Problem with Independent Thievery? 7
Man....This quest......for the theives guild "Boots of SpringHeel Jack"? 1
Messed up "two sides of the coin" quest. HELP? 2
Missing Bravil Count? 2
Missing Cheydinhal Mages Guild Recommendation? 2
Multiple quests at the same time? 4
Need Help on the last theives guild quest? 4
Need help with DEFENSE OF BRUMA? 3
Need help with The Ultimate Heist qeust for the Gray Fox? 2
No Ogres? 1
Nocturnal shrine? 2
Repairing the Orrery? 1
Reparing the Orrery - can't get to Bothiel? 1
Rufio can't be found. please help? 2
Sanguine help? 1
Shrine of Namira? 1
Staff of worms? 1
Stuck imperial corruption please help? 2
Stuck on "Vahtecan" side quest? 1
Stuck on the last quest for thieves guild? 1
Tears of the savior- last tear? 3
Tears Of The Saviour what do I do now? 1
The Gray Foxes Cowl? 2
The last thieves guild quest help? 2
Theives guild finale quest? 1
Unicorn horn? 1
Wat shood i do first to complete this? 1
What do you have too do on the quest:('Find the Heir')? 1
What is the answer to the commentaries mythic dawn? 1
What is the deal with that marooned ship called the Mouth of the Panther? 1
What is the reward for the Umbra quest? 1
What reward do I get for giving "Fingers of the Mountain" to the woman instead of the Mages Guild? 7
Whats this key for? 4
Whenever I go up to someone, it will only let me Pickpocket? 2
Where at Fort Farragut do i find Shadowmere? 7
Where can i find Faelian for the Lonely Wanderer Quest? 2
Where can i find Lucian Lachance? 1
Where do i find a master trainer for mercantile? 1
Where do I go to join the dark brotherhood? 1
Where is ongar in the thieves guild ? 3
Where is the key for the locked door in the Arrow of Extrication mission? 1
Where is the theifs guild located and how do I join? 4
where is the vampire count?*SPOILER* 2
Where's Hircine at? 2
Who do I talk to to allow master training for restoration magic? 4
Why can't i do "lost histories" (theives guild quest)? 1
Why can't I finish Caught in the hunt? 1
Why can't I use the Arrow of Extrication? 3
Why wont it say iv fenced 1000 gold? 5
Why wont the shop open? 2
Willow-The -Wisp ? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Addiction quest Oblivion help? 0
Best Mage garb for max spell casting? 4
Black hand armor? 6
Can i get a deadric bow if i already completed the main quest? 4
Can i get a silver bow? 6
Can you help me find the Goldbrand sword? 3
Crafting? 1
Deepscorn hollow? 2
Elven Armor? 4
How can I get the Arena items? 2
How can i pick up blood grass? 3
How can i use hourglass? 2
How do i get the gray aegis? 2
How do you get to the crusaders sheild? 1
How do you obtain goldbrand in oblivion? 4
How often do shops restock? 3
How to duplicate the Grand Soul Gem from the Mystic Emporium? 2
I can't find Tears of the Savior?! 1
I finally found the Glass Shield of Mirrors but my game froze up (again) and I lost it and I can't get it back? 2
I found glarthir's secret key, what does it go to? 3
I found what seems to be a love and dount know what its for ? 9
I lost my third book of the 'Commentaries' or wahtever. [?] 2
I lost the ROSE OF SITHIS! Can I get a new one? 2
I would like to fined Daedric weapons ? 14
If you get the Umbra Sword at an early level will the damage rating go up as you level up? 4
Invisibility armor? 2
Is it possible to duplicate ayeleid statues? 2
Is there a awy to hide items anywhere? 4
Mages Guild Recommendation? 6
Magic Stones? 2
Ogmha Infinium??? 2
Or buy repair hammers? 2
Other Deadric Artifacts (I want to keep Azura's star)? 13
Reflect spell? 2
Sauron's Armor? 2
Shrine items? 1
Spell uses? 5
Stop fast traveling horses? 1
Strong drain health potion? 2
Strong paralyze potion? 2
Tears of a saviour? 6
Tower or cave in Anvil for closing the gate? 1
What does the Staff of Sheogorath do? 3
What happened to Shadowmere??? 3
What happened to the Ring of Burden? 5
What is bettter - longsword or claymore? 5
What is so good about unicorn? 7
What is the bottles of human blood for? 2
What is the offering for themalacath quest?? 3
What should i do? 5
What soul level shuold Black Soul Gems have? 5
When and where can i find a reflect damage sigil stone? 3
Where can I find (Spectre Ring)? 1
Where can I find 5 empty Grand Soul Gems? 3
Where can I find a capture soal scroll? 1
Where can I find a Fine Steel Longsword (Non-Vendor)? 6
Where can I find a glass helmet? besided Fin Gleam 1
Where can I find a good amount of dragon's tongue at one time? 3
Where can I find a horse to permanently own? 4
Where can I find a paralyze spell? 5
Where can I find a summon Dremora Valkynaz/Markynaz spell or summon Xivilai spell? 4
Where can I find a very powerful LIGHT spell reflection shield? 1
Where can I find all of the bound weapon and armor scrolls? 3
Where can I find an Ayelid ruin to charge my weapons? 4
Where can I find Areldur? (KotN) 2
Where can i find black soul gems? 2
Where can I find blacksmiths hammer)? 6
Where can I find blackwater blade? 5
Where can i find bloodgrass if i completed the main quest? 5
Where can I find bloodgrass? 2
Where can I find BloodGrass???? T^T 4
Where can I find bound spells / scrolls? 2
Where can I find Bound Sword/Bow/Mace? 7
Where can I find Daedric Gauntlets? 2
Where can i find dwarfen wepons and armour?? 4
Where can I find elven bow and shortsword? 1
Where can I find Elven wepons? 2
Where can I find fortify magicka on target? 5
Where can I find Guard Cuirass? 2
Where can I find lion pelts or lions? 1
Where can I find Matrices? 2
Where can I find Nightshade flowers? 2
Where can i find or buy a grand soul gem worth 1600 points? 1
Where can I find rare items/weapons? 3
Where can I find some certain bound armor or weapon scrolls? 2
Where can I find the ayleid stature in sendea leed? 1
Where can I find the Cave Scout Helmet? 1
Where can I find the Goblin Totem Heads? 2
Where can I find the Hero's Skeleton? 1
Where can I find the imperal guard quarters key? 2
Where can I find the jail in New Sheoth (Shivering Isles)? 2
Where can I find the reflect damage spell? 1
Where can I find the Ring of Vitality? 2
Where can i find the unicorns ? 3
Where can I find these items? 1
Where can i find yarn. ? 3
Where can you get lots of the same scroll? 2
Where can you sell high valued items? 5
Where do i find a place to enchant? 3
Where do I find mankar's hood? 1
Where do you get the best...? 5
Where has my sword gone? 1
Which merchant has the most money on hand? 3
Who has the game add-ons? 2
Why can't I enchant my clothing? 2
Why do I keep losing spells that I've bought? 2
A fortify health spell/Item/potion, what does it do for me? 2
A simple home? 4
About enchanting? 3
About ghosts and weapons? 1
Adding more effects on one enchanted item? 1
Amber? 17
Any reason other than bad luck why I can't find a Daedric helmet? 1
Any use for Brusef Amelion's armor? 1
Arrow of extrication? 2
At what level do i get the emperor's clothes? 6
At what lvl do i start finding glass and elven weapons???? 1
Best armor set-up? 1
Best place to find Glass Armor? 4
Blackwood Ring of Silence? 3
Bones? 3
Bowstaffs? 1
Buying Charged Soul Gems...? 1
Can a cure disease potion cure vampirism? 4
Can anyone tell me if there is a chainmail shield, and where can I get it? 3
Can I enchant my own arrows? 3
Can you charge a soul gem? 3
Can you duplicate nirnroots? 5
Can you get the palace gaurd uniforms for xbox 360? 1
Can you own a house? 2
Can you unenchant an item? 2
Confused about bow/arrow damage..? 1
Counteracting Vampirism? 3
Creating own staffs? 2
Dadera hearts and vampyre dust? 1
Daderic armor after main quest line? 1
Daedric Bow? 1
Deadre Hearts/123? 1
Do i need to buy other alchemy supplies? 1
Do you gotta be lvled to enhance stuff? 1
Does anyone know what a blood potion is for? 1
Does placing the Knights of the Nine armor on it's stand and then taking it back put the stats up to your current level? 1
Dragon armor? 1
Dragon armour and where???? 1
Dragon on 360??? 2
Dragon sword,and whats is the case in the fighters guild? 1
Dreamworld Amulet? 2
Duplicating things? 3
Enchant ring glitch? 1
Found A Strange Note in Lake Arrius Caverns During the Dagon Shrine Mission. What is it talking about? 1
Frenzy spells- why would you want someone angry? Whats the point of them? 2
Getting more vampire dust? 1
Glass/Dedric armor set? 1
Has anyone ever found the Superior Bound Armor spell? 2
Hi where can i get the skeleton key? 2
Hoe does Azura's Star work exactly? 3
Honerblade of chorrol? 2
Horse armour? 2
How can i find the Glass Helmet that's underwater near Anvil? 2
How can i gain the gods forgiveness and wear the crusader armor again? 10
How can I get a black soul gem? 7
How can i get a glass bow? 2
How can i get rid of the filled black soul gem you get in the final mages guild quest? 3
How can i increase my damage? 9
How can I join the Dark Brotherhood? 26
How do I cure the posion apple? 2
How do I enchante an item with 2+ spells? 2
How do I find Vampire Dust? (no links to other websites, please) 1
How do i get dark dragon armor? 3
How do I get rid of Umbra? 1
how do i get shadowmerE? 1
How do i get Shadowrend? 1
How do I get the stones locked in leyawiin's mages guild? 5
How do i get...? 1
How do I learn spells using scrolls? Can I? Some1 Help! 4
How do I recharge a blade? 3
how do I soultrap creatures??? 5
How do I use the Sigil Stones? 1
How do leveled weapons work? 1
How do you get your items back after you 'join' the mythic dawn? 5
How do you make a black soul gem? 9
How do you put books on bookshelves? 1
How long does it usually take redwort to respawn? 3
How to charge captain kordan's saber? 1
How to use display cases? 5
I have 2 sorcerer's rings, but it'll only let me equip one of them, is there any way i can equip both at the same time? 1
I need help locating Frost and Fire Atronarchs? 2
I put items in the enchanted chest at the arcane university and they are gone? 1
I want to try to get the best armer and weapons in the whole game ? 13
If you use a specific weapon and only that weapon for awhile, does the weapon get better? 3
Im lvl. 17 where can i find a full set of Dedaric and Glass armour? 3
Imperial Watch armor, where can I find it? 1
Infinite charges on enchanted items? 14
Is it possible to get the blach hand robes without joining the DB or killing lucien lechance? 1
Is it possible to own multiple houses at once? 2
Is there a helmet for Brusef Amelion's armor? 2
Is there a house for sale under 2k? 1
Is There A Place That I Can Hide My Items? 1
Is there a way to...? 1
Is there anyway to loot off of dead arena combatants? 4
Legendary Armor? 5
List of Spell shops? 2
Luck and loot? 3
Missing Item?? 1
My Crusades armor disappeared when I did the one thieves guild mission? 2
My stash disappeared, can you help me? 2
Only one Soul to a Soul Gem Right? 3
Potion of Cure Disease? 2
Potions????? Skills???? 2
Priest of Order robes? 2
Rare items? 2
Scroll dupe? 2
Sigil Stones? 1
Skeleton key? 14
Soul gem's? 1
Soul Trap/Azura's star? 1
Staff of Shock? 1
Summon Daedra Equipment - Giving NPC's Equipment? 1
Summoning from soul gems? 1
The 3rd book from gwinas sold, can`t find it again? 2
The best Armor in stores? 1
Vampires Sun Screen/Protection? 6
Whaere can i buy or find a 80% to 100% Chameleon outfit? 1
What are the BEST items in ALL of Oblivion? 1
What are the strongest/best claymores and longswords? 2
What armor is better im lvl10 and just got orcish but i got umbras at lvl8? 1
What do you use telekinesis spells for? Are thet worth buying? 7
What does the "Traveler's Ring" do? 1
What does the Wabbajack do? 1
What exactly does a Welkynd Stone do? 1
What is and where can I buy/find the best light armour? 3
What is the best armour I'm lvl 10 orcish or dwarven? 3
What is the best blunt weapon and where is it? 2
What is the best bow elvem or glass? 1
What is the best Fighting tool? 2
What is the biggest soul gem can u get? 1
What is the Dawnfang/Duskfang? 3
What is the fyrelight key or something like that? 1
What merchants (if any) sell lockpicks? 10
What should I do for Light Armor? 1
What trader will buy jewelry? 3
What's the best Spell, Sword, Mace or Axe, Staff, and Armor? 4
What's the easiest way to get gold without cheating/duplicating? 8
Whats the best bow? 1
Whats the difference bewteen a sword that DRAINS endurance and one that ABSORBS endurance? 1
When and where can I use and find dremora armour? 1
When does spell tomes start to work? (DC) 3
Where are the best places with maruders and bandits? 1
Where are Will-o-the-wisps or whatever theyre called? 1
Where can find alot of gold, treasure and/or any other items of much intrinsic value? 2
Where can I find (Atronach Armor Set)? 1
Where can I find (cyrodilic wine)? 1
Where can I find (Daedra armor)? 5
Where can I find (Elven Dagger)? 2
Where can I find (Elven Equipment)? 1
Where can I find (grandmaster retort)? 1
Where can I find (redworts)? 1
Where can I find (Skeleton Key)? 3
Where can I find (the staff of worms and the skull of corruption)? 2
Where can I find 20 red wort flowers and 20 dragon's tounge to get back into the mage guild? 4
Where can I find 4 soul gems? 6
Where can I find ? 4
Where can I find a Akaviri Dai-Katana? 1
Where can I find a Fine Steel Claymore? 2
Where can I find a key to open up the upper floors of the Imperiall Palace? 1
Where can I find a Scroll or Spell for Bound Greaves? 2
Where can I find a silver longsword at level 3? 1
Where can I find a silver one-handed blunt weapon? 1
Where can i find a skeleton hammer? 7
Where can I find a soul trap srcoll ? 5
Where can I find a Steel Shield For SALE? 1
Where can I find a very hard unlock spell? 1
Where can I find Amelions tomb? 1
Where can I find Argonian Blood? 1
Where can I find Battle Horn Castle? 2
Where can I find Bear pelts? 21
Where can I find chemealon equipment? 6
Where can I find dadrick armour or elvin amour? 1
Where can I find Daedra Hearts and Vampire Dust? 2
Where can I find daggers unequal to my level? 1
Where can I find deadric armor? 2
Where can I find degric armor? 1
Where can I find Dwarven or Orcish armor? 3
Where can I find ebony armor? 6
Where can I find ectoplasm or a place that sells them? 4
Where can I find Elven Bow? 1
Where can I find empty grand soul gems? 11
Where can I find Fort Redwater? 4
Where can I find Frostcrag Spire? 1
Where can I find garlic? 7
Where can I find glass armor and a elven longsword ? 2
Where can I find glass armour? 2
Where can I find Glow Dust? 1
Where can I find lockpicks? 3
Where can I find Mythic Dawn Commentaries? 1
Where can I find or buy heavy armor that fortifies hand to hand? 1
Where can I find palace armor? 1
Where can I find Raiment of the Crimson Scar? 1
Where can I find redwort? 2
where can I find shadowbanish wine? 2
Where can I find Sigil stones? 4
Where can I find silver warhammers? 1
Where can I find Skooma? 1
Where can I find skullbreaker goblin totem staff in wenderbek cave? 1
Where can I find some arrows that paralyze? 1
Where can I find Some very powerfull arrows? 2
Where can I find tamika vintage 399? 2
Where can I find that lockpick that can't break? 1
Where can i find the acylid statues? 1
Where can I find the best armor and weapons at lvl 4 without killing umbra? 4
Where can I find The Boots Of The Unburdened? 1
Where can I find the Draconis Madstone? 1
Where can I find the Fortify Magicka on Target spell? 1
Where can i find the knights of nine armor? 3
Where can I find The Lord's Mail? 1
Where can I find the map that the ghost tells you to find in The Mouth Of The Panther Quest? 1
Where can I find the most powerful swords? 9
Where can I find the most powerful weapon and armour in oblivion? 6
Where can I find the Skeleton Key (unbreakable lockpick)? 1
Where can I find torches? 1
Where can I find Troll Fat? 1
Where can I find umbra and kill her to get her stuff(armour weapon)? 5
Where can I find Umbra? 2
Where do i find a poison apple? 1
Where do you go to buy the other types of weapons and armor like glass, blackwood, elven, etc? 1
Wheres a good place to find a lot of money? 1
Wheres the Nearest shop? 1
Why can't I duplicate my black soul gem? 2
Why can't i use grand souls for enchanting? 1
Why can't I use my enchanted item? 1
Why does the One Handed Daedric War Axe disintegrate when i try to pick it up? 2
Why won't Borissean sell me any spells? 1

Level Help Answers
Can anyone help me get unstuck from the Northeast Watchtower in the Imperial City? 1
Do the skill leve ups from the Tutorial bit count towards levels? 5
Does putting lower difficulty make you gain less exp? 3
For some reason i cant accept quests from the thieves guild no more and I'm only a bandit please help!!!!!!!? 2
Frostfire Glade entrance? 2
How do I "repent" crimes? 6
How do i beat the Skingrad oblivion gate? 1
How do I beat Ulterior Motives? 2
How do I get into aragmir's house? 1
How do I get Oreyn to take Blackheart's ring from me? 1
How do I get past (Anga)? 1
How do I get past (informer)? 1
I have maxed attributes and cant level up. What do I do? 3
Mages guild - Vahtacen's Secret? 1
Need help with skills? 1
Shivering Isles question? 1
Thieve's Guild Quest (Ultimate Heist) Need Help. Locked Door? 1
What is the fastest way for me to raise my overall level? 3
What is the quickest way to lvl up? 8
Why wont Alix Lencolia train my Blade skill? 2
Armour level? 1
Azani Blackheart quest glitch? 1
Blade/bow? 1
Destrution? 1
How can i solve the pilgrimage quest? 1
How do I get andralines staff back from soris arenim? 1
How do I get into Sancre Tor? 1
How do I get into the Imperial Orrery? 1
How do I get out of Sancre Tor? 1
How do I get out of wendir? 2
How do I get past the Anvil Gate? 2
How do I get past the dreamworld lvl test of resolve? 2
How do i get past the flooded Grotto? 1
How do I get past the necromancer's moon? 1
How do i level up to level 2? 3
Marksman? 1
Shrine of Vaermina? 1
Skills leveled after 'gaining a level' but before actually sleeping? 1
Stats maxed? 9
Stronger enchantments? 1
Unmarked Cave key? 3
When u'r a Vampire, can ur Max Skill and attributes pass 100? 1
Why are all my main attributes decreasing?? 2
Why is my total magicka not going up? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Anyone know what a 2nd vamp infection does for me? Or not? 2
Block training? 3
Dark Brotherhood kills? 4
Does sending your pirates out to plunder cause any fame or infamy? 1
Good Creation? 1
How can I raise my conjuration, mysticism, and alchemy levels if they're all very low? 2
How can I raise my Intelligence faster? 2
How do i cure vampirism? 2
How do I get money? 1
How do I increase the level of my Luck? 8
How do I stop an ally from attacking my character? 2
How do you persuade Savlian Mautuis? 1
How hard is it to use no armor? 10
How shud i bete her? 6
How to raise all the skills such as Conjuration,Alteration,etc.? 3
I have a Soul Trap staff and why cant I soul trap? 3
I want to do this spell, help!? 2
Is health added before or after attribute increases? 1
Is it necessary or even worth the aggrivation to rally Aid for Bruma? 4
Is there a better optoion between Resist Element and Sheild Element spells? 2
Is there a way to Increase magika stat perminantely after your intelegence and willpower stats hits max? 2
Is this custom class good and what should I change? 1
Just wondering...? 1
Leveling up to 50? 3
Low level, advanced in the game? 2
Making a character for end game optimizing/completion of all guilds? 3
Mechantile Lv.??? 2
Ok so advice would be much appreciated please? 5
Powerful spell? 1
Suggestions For Mage Gear? 10
Viable classes? 1
What does it mean for the undead to turn and how to use it properly? 2
What is the best legit way for leveling up? 5
What is the best race, class and star sign for a pure stealth character? 3
What is the best strategy for (finding pale pass ruin)? 2
What is the best strategy for character creation? 2
What is the best strategy for persuasion? 3
What is the best way to raise your Destruction level to 75? 2
What skills do I need to make a good archer? 3
Whats an easy way to get up destruction? 1
Where can i find a healer at? 1
Where do you get a fortify skill spell? 2
Why am I not gaining bonus points for my stats? 2
Why cant i learn? 1
Why is my guy losing his health at a slow steady rate? 2
Absorb Skill??? 1
Any good xp glitches? 6
Are There Any Bonuses For Being A "Shadowscale" ? 3
Assassin/Vampire Build? 1
Bow or Blade? 1
Can I continue to level up if I have maxed all but two or fewer stats before level 50? 3
Can you continue training with trainers once you reach level 50? 2
Complete Skill MAstery? 1
Dark Brotherhood minions??? 1
Do Gauntlets affect hand to hand damage? 1
Do scrolls level your magic skills? 2
Dragon? 1
Dupes? 1
Friend and I both level ten but he kills opponents much quicker? 3
Getting rid of cannibal prion disease? 6
How do I lockpick? 8
How do I make a good character?? 7
How do I picklock the Arena Lockbox, and, what is in there? 2
How do I steal stuff? 2
How to have an NPC follow indefidently? 1
I want a full mage but.....? 1
I've seen this video on youtube HELP ????? 1
Is there a level cap? 1
Is there a way to max out stats after level max? 1
Is there any disadvantages to completing the mages guild at a low level? 6
Need help with a hand to hand fighter (?) 1
oblivion gates WTF fast travel portals? 2
Permenant Sheild help? 1
Restoration leveling up? 1
Spell Leveling??? 2
Stat bonus? 1
Stuck as a vampire, please help!!!!!? 3
What is the best conjurable creature? 1
What is the best strategy for (killing zombies/headless)? 5
What is the best strategy for stealing for the thieves guild? 3
What Merchant Has The Most Gold In The Game? 3
What type of character is the funnest to play? Combat, Mage or Assasin (stealth)? 12
Where can i find Emperor's Cuiras? 1
Where is the best place (cave,fort) to raid for great loot? MINOR SPOILORS! 1
Where is the best place to get the marksman skill up and fast? 1
Which lvl up stat increases magika? 1
Who is the best person to kill to start the Dark Brotherhood quests? 2
Why cant i use the master trainers? 7

Technical Help Answers
Constant Freezing Issue? 0
Arrogant Count's Steward won't acknowledge passage of time? 3
Can't find a version of this game with an Asia region lock? 2
Cheydenhal mages guild quest? 3
Clavicus vile? 2
Disk is Unreadable? 2
Does 'clearing out the cache memory' delete items laying on the ground ? 2
Downloads Aren't Working? 1
Expansion trouble? 1
Has Mazoga the Orc ever just dropped dead before? 4
How can I set the resolution higher than 1680x1050? 2
How come after i got a new 360 and moved my harddrive my mods dont work? 4
How do u change the stick controls? 2
I can no longer sit or open doors Why? How to fix? 1
I cant find the updated stuff? 2
I cant play Shivering Isles or KOTN? 2
I have lost the effects of my race, and birthsign. Can it be fixed? 3
I still can't move? Dark Brotherhood quest A Kiss Before Dying 3
I think i might have killed Clauide did i mess up a quest? 1
Mages guild recommendation ? 1
My minor skills keep decreasing randomly- why? 1
Mystic Emporium Glitch? 2
Original to GotY? 4
Paranoia bug? 4
Please help!!??!!Shivering isles and The knights of the nine quests haven't been initiated yet 4
Problem with DLC disc and Oblivion? 1
Stuck in a spot and can't get out of it? 1
Stuck in the Hunt? 1
Thieves Den Help? 1
Third person view? 1
Vindasel keeps freezing, help? 2
What difficulty should i play? 5
What was included in the most recent patch? 2
When i highlight something? 2
whenever I go into benirus manor the game freezes? 1
Where can i download the patch for this game? 1
Which disk do I need? 2
Why Can't I Begin "The Ultimate Heist?" 3
Why can't I end the Cure Vampire quest? 1
Why can't I load my save? 1
Why can't I use Deathly Visage? 1
Why cant I find the body? 2
Why cant i go father into the theivs guild quest after i gave him the boots? 1
Why cant I use my Dowmloaded comtent without beimg on xbox live? 2
Why do the people keep telling me I HAVE NO GREETING? 2
Why does my game keep freezing? 1
Why does the game keep freezing me at the last mages guild quest? 1
Why does the game keep freezing when I tell the god who wants Umbras sword no? 1
Why does the game keep freezing when I try to fight this crab? 1
Why does the game keep freezing? 1
Why does the game keeps saying the disc is unreadable? 1
Why doesn't my charector ever get poisond? 1
Why is my Mercantile Skill not increasing? 3
Why is there no floors in some places?? 1
Why isnt the necromancer in the cave? 2
Why won't bothiel come out of the orrey? 2
Why wont Skrivva give me the next quest? 3
Bounty Glitch? 2
Button's won't work, can someone help? 1
Currently level 14 but cannot move to next level what can i do? 2
Disk was scratched, fixed, but still doesn't run, will it corrupt save files? 1
DLC(x-box 360) lost? 1
FROSTCRAG SPIRE- I cant buy upgrades. can someone help?!? 1
GOTY expantion ? 1
How do clear my cache or get rid of patchs? 2
How do I talk to count of skingrad again ? 1
how do you install the game, on the x-box, to the HDD? 3
How do you make a good looking character? 11
I acquired several Greater powers through birthsign stones, and now i cant find them in my journal. Where did they go? 1
I can't exit the sewers and finish the tutorial......<?> 1
I have Vampirism, how do I get it off? 9
I would like to know which is better? Normal oblivion or GOTY 1
If I delete shivering isles will it ruin my profile? 1
Installing the game? 2
Is there a way to get mods for the Xbox version like you can for the Pc version and if so how? 3
Item dupe safe? 1
Mystic emporium not open? 1
Pink lines and pink textures after installing Shivering isles + Knights of the Nine DLC? 2
Saved Games? 1
Summon multiple creatures? 4
Vampire Disease? 1
What is up with this glitch? 1
Why can't I install this game? 1
Why does the game run so much slower than when I got it? 1
Why is it when I put items in a chest, and come back to get them, they are gone? 7
Why won't my game load anymore? 7
Why wont my game load? 3
Xbox Malifunction: Oblivion Freezing? 2

Other Help Answers
Oblivion Horse Whistle? 0
Test Hall? 0
Where Are The Shrine To Sheogorath's Sound Files? (PC) 0
A spell? 1
After u get the vampire cure? 3
Alessia Caro? 1
Am i stuck a vampire? 1
Anyone know why loot bags pop up randomly in the game? 2
Are the patches applied to the disk, or to your hard drive? 3
Are there any more duplication glitches? 3
Arrow of Extrication Quest Glitch? 1
Best way to level up??? 15
Best ways to kill adoring fan? 4
Buddies? 2
Can I get back in the tomb? 2
Can i get housemates? 3
Can i quick start? 1
Can you advance in rank in the blades? 1
Can you delete spells from your menu? 2
Can you enchant armor with multiple enchants? 2
Can you get married in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion? 2
Can you own your own Dog? 9
Can you Re-open Oblivion? 2
Can you stop being a vampire the the cure vampireism? 3
Can you? 2
Can't duplicate weapons? 1
Can't Wear Crusader Armor? 3
Cannot become a vampire again? 1
Cant get infinite money from the dorin I kill him and it shows 11 gold and i take it and i dont get the money glitch? 6
Confused!!!? 1
Constant ring glitch? 1
Courpt Saves??? 2
Damn, accidental sell? 1
Does anybody know anything about the elder scrolls 5? 7
Does your character always start off with (Flare) and (Heal Minor Wounds) spells? 1
Empty rooms in oblivion? 2
Enchanting? 2
Game of the year - dlc? 1
Gltiches don't work anymore? 2
Has oblivion made a patch since last year to make a legal level 100? 1
Help with a Thieves Guild glitch? 2
How can I get an attenuator in shivering isles OR delete shivering isles on hard-drive so I can reload? 1
How can i get into fort grief? 2
How can i get out of here? 1
How can i get out of the painted realm? 2
How can I raise mystisism fast or at all? I need to get to 25 please? 6
How can i tell if I have a prepatch game or an after-patch game? 3
How do i become a vampire?? 5
How do i find the court of madness? 1
How do I get back into the thieves guild after the ultimate heist???? 1
How do i get better ihad game for 4 weeks and im only level 2? 4
How do i get into luciana galena's chest? 1
How do i get more torches i cant seem to find them anywhere?? 1
How do I get ride of Guimund? 1
How do i invest in a store? 2
How do i join the fighters guild in anvil it wont let me join?? 2
How do i make something fine? 1
How do i own a shop in oblivion? 1
How do I start hermaeus mora's shrine? 2
How do you Edit Inventory on pc? 1
How do you gain more magic? 4
How do you get 100% spell effectiveness? 2
How do you join th OBVC? 1
How do You Start Roits? 3
How do your get your strength back? 1
How exactly can you tell whether an elder scrolls IV: oblivion game is prepatched or postpatched? 1
How exactly do I level up? 1
How many files/characters can i have? 4
How to i get more inventory space?? 2
I cannt give the amullet of king a jausser? 1
I cant get Disintegrate on anything why? 2
I found a note on Serpents Wake...? 1
I need halp joining the fighters guild.??? 3
I need help finding my horse??? 2
I was suspended from the mages guild so how do i find 20 redwort and 20 dragon toungues? 4
I'm playing elder scrolls IV oblivion and it keeps glitching. What should I do? 1
If ur a vampire will other vampires attack u? 3
is Gharthir Crazy? 6
Is it better to stay lvl 1? 1
Is it possible to get all the things back that I left for the Dagon Shrine quest? 2
Is it safe to store in bravil house? 2
Is the any way to level up really really really fast? 2
Is the Book of Tamrielic Lore true? 1
Is the horror of dive rock from a DLC? 1
Is there a way to quickly scroll through the inventory? 4
Is there another way around random killings? 1
Is there anywhere you can change your hair or face after character creation? 5
Knockback Bug? 1
Kvatch? 1
Lost boy cavern? 2
Lost data after an autosave can anyone help? 1
Low-level alteration spell? 2
Mage guild maps? 1
Mage guild suspension? 1
Modryn Oreyn is missing, is there any wa y to get him back? 1
My game keeps freezing with no scratches on the disc? 1
My horse vanished! Help? 1
My sister's female Khajiit changed fur color...? 1
My stats are decreasing what do i do? 3
Mystic Emporium? 4
Needs some help? 1
Okay so i have oblivion and i am going to get the Game of the year edition do i have to start over? *new* 1
Personality Issue? 1
Please help me-How do you run and go into sneak mode? 2
Pleaze help me with this umbra shyt!!!? 3
Secert frost atronach help? 1
Shadowmare has vanished on me and I cant fin him anywhere can somone help me? 5
Shadowmere is gone? 4
Shivering isles help? 1
Shivering isles? 2
Summitmist Manor? 1
The Arena? 1
The great gate battle? 1
The Oblivion booklet for Absorb states that changes to Health, Magicka, and Fatigue are permanent, what does that mean? 1
Theres a little 2 in the corner of my hand-to-hand skill beneath the governing atribute text, what dose it mean? 1
Thieves guild money problem? 1
Trespassing in my bravil house? 1
Two entrances to the temple of the One? 1
Umm yea? 3
Vampire Cure Quest Help? 4
Vampire cure quest? 1
Vampire Curse? 2
What do I do when Torbern has disappeared from Aerin's Camp? 2
What good are "Servant's Quarters" in some houses? 1
What happened to my map? 1
What is it? 1
What is role playing? 1
What is the best possible Combination of Race, Class, Sign and attributes for a Mage? 4
What is the best weapon in the game and where do you find it? 2
What to do with all these keys? 3
What's the difference between archmages clothes and the emperors clothes? 2
Whats with all the glitches surrounding paint supplies? 1
When i use a bound armor skill can i change it to heavy armor? 2
When it comes to melee, does the melee combat skills or Strength depend on how much damage you do? 2
When u get stuff in caves or other places are better stuff in it when u level up??? 1
When you have a fortify attribute bonus do your skills level normally? 1
Where are the univerities? 1
Where can i buy good spells? And summining spells?? 1
Where can i find a Healer NPC? 2
Where can i find daedric greaves? 7
Where can I find deadra herats and vampire dusts? 3
Where can I find the Master Trainer for Armorer? 5
Where can i join the mages guild at? 2
Where can u find the best summoning scrolls? 1
Where do i find a novice alteration trainer? 1
Where do i go to get my magical weapons recharged? 1
Where is a good cave to loot? 4
Where is Gray Fox? 1
Where is the Mages Guild ? 1
Where to find the cure for vampirism? 1
Wheres the best place to sell items? 1
Which dlc? 1
Who becomes king after martin ? 8
Who is this What happend? 1
Who thinks Bethesda should make more downloads for oblivion? 3
Why cant i make a bound weapon spell? 2
Why cant i use fathis ules for a fences? 1
Why do i get damaged while attacking a Storm Atronach? 2
Why does the OBVC rock so hard..? 2
Why does'nt the Boots of Springheel Jak quest start? 2
Why is it when I Cure my Vampirism, I look more pale and different then when I first created my character? 5
Xbox live pvp? 3
A rat problem? 2
All my saves go to the bottom? 2
Alteration up quick? 1
Any such thing as Dremora Lords? 3
Anyone else have problem open doors? 1
Anyone else have problem spots appearing? 2
Are there any other games like oblivion? 1
Are there any other glitches than the copy paintbrush and permanent enchantment ones? 1
Argonian Name? 1
Arrow help? 2
At what level do you master a skill? 1
At what point do enemies stop levelling up with you? 4
Best place to get illusion spells? 5
Big silver chest behind waterfall? 1
Black soul gems ? 2
Bliss, Crucible, New Sheoth? 2
Bow and Arrow Glitch? 1
Buy a house in Cheydinhal? 4
Can a new character use an old character's equipment, etc? 1
Can a NPC commit a breaking and entering on a house you purchase? 1
Can any merchant in the game have over 2,500 gold after investing? 2
Can I become a vampire again after being cured? 1
Can i Create my own spells? 1
Can I Open My Own SHOP? 2
Can shadowmere die? 4
Can someone help me with my fame and infamy? 1
Can u be a werewolf? 1
Can u have relationships? 1
Can u revive someone? 2
Can you actually practice Necromancy? 1
Can you become a vampire without looking old? 1
Can you bring your horse to the Shivering Isles? 2
Can you get married to anyone? 1
Can you go to the other countries? 1
Can you have more than one follower? 4
Character creation? 1
Cheats for 360? 1
Cnematic? 1
Could u end up going to places like blackmarsh,skyrim and hammerfell? 4
Daedric and Glass armor? 1
Dark Brotherhood? 2
Definition of 100% complete? 2
Disease resistance of the Argonians and Vampire disease? 1
Display case? 1
Do anyone know how many months there is in the game before a new year comes in? 1
Do I have to close all of the oblivion gates? 2
Do they sell shivering isles and/or knights of the nine on discs? 4
Do weapons disappear? 1
Do you get to own a unicorn? 1
Do your attributes actually effect skills? 1
Does disc 2 of GOTY have the patches included? 2
Does everything level up with you? 3
Does the Gray Cowl effectively create an "alter ego" in terms of Fame and Infamy? 2
Does the unicorn respawn? 2
Dorians body? 1
Downloadable content for Oblivion? 2
Downloadable content? 1
Dragon in-game? 1
Drain Skill trainer Trick does it work anymore? 5
Drain the Souls of People? 3
Duplicate doesn't work? 3
Escort Death? 1
Feeding? ( as a vampire) 2
Fighters Stronghold? 1
Finding the mage places? 1
First mages guild quest? 1
For the Thieves Guild Quest "Misdirection", will I get kicked out of the Mages Guild for stealing the staff? 6
Frusterating: Enchanting whahuh? 4
Gates? 2
GOTY disc 2? 3
Guild Quests Help? 1
Has anyone tried this? 2
Healing? 1
Help i don't know what to do? 2
Highest level? 1
Hist sap? 1
Horse on full turbo? 4
How can i dupe(duplicate) gold pre-patch????? 2
How can I duplicate Elven Armor? 1
How can i easily level my illusion? 1
How can i find Frostcrag Spire? 1
How can i get back into the mages guild after i've been expelled? 1
how can I get inmto the fighters guild after I've already been kicked out 3 times? 2
How can I make the game exciting again? 2
How can I stop being a vampire? 1
How do i become a vampire? 1
How do i cast magic in oblivion? 1
How do I charge enchanted swords? 1
How do I fix damaged attribites (ie. intelligence, strength, etc.)? 3
How do I get to Dive Rock? 1
How do I get to Gnoll Mountain? 1
How do I join the fighters guild? 2
How do I make Chuck Norris in Oblivion? 4
How do i make money easily? 1
How do I make my self less attractive to others for the namira shrine? 4
How do I whistle to call my horse to me? 1
How do you duplicate? 1
How do you increase fame? 11
How do you keep the katana from the Imperial Sewers? 1
How do you make a strait pathway with paintbrushes? 3
How long does it take Audens Avidius to come after you? 1
How long is oblivion? 1
How many oblivion gates are there? 2
How many points...? 2
How to do the constant effect whit scrolls? 1
I am a redguard ranger and roam the lands looking for a suitable place to stay...Help? 2
I can't dupe anything I need help? 1
i cant get the ring on the thieves guild quest "Ahdarjis's Heirloom". ive checked all known glitches. whats th 3
I killed my fanboy, can i get him back? 3
I lost my horse? 1
I need help with the forlorn watchman? 1
if I buy another house will my items in my other house disappear? 1
If I feed on someone as a vampire do they become one too? 2
Improved quest tracking? 1
In Mancor's Paradise you're faced by a Dremora Kynreeve or something...? 1
Investing in aurelinwae? 1
Is dual-wielding possible? 1
Is it possable to join the pirates? 1
Is it possible to become a necromancer and join other necromancers? 9
Is it possible to dupe items after gettin the patches? 1
Is it possible to use an alter of enchanting without being in the mages guild? 1
Is it safe to store in benirus manor? 1
Is redguard the best since they have the highest endurance? 1
Is there a spell....? 2
Is there a temple/chapel in Imperial City where I can cure a disease? 1
Is There Actually other vampires? 6
Is there an easy way to get the bounty off my head without paying or going to jail? 1
Is there any way to keep...? 1
Is there any way to......? 2
Is there anyway for me to use my inventory in one save and put it into another save? 1
Is this a "bad" game? 3
Is this like fallout 3 in that you cant continue playing after you finish the main story quests? 1
Jail time ? 1
Join the Imperial Legion? 1
Knights of the Nine DLC? 1
Leveling Up? 4
Location is impossible? 1
Location? 2
lost EVERYTHING when arrested, is this a glitch? 1
Master-Wzard? 1
Mercantile books? 1
Merchants? 1
Money!!!? 6
Mystery Door? 2
Need Help finding Wilderness Caches? 1
Need to know!? 2
Oblivion compared to Skyrim? 1
Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition Disc 2? 1
Once again i need help? 1
Pet Dog? 2
Pheonix armour? 1
Problems with The Knights of the Nine? 1
Really now does this work? 1
Really Weak People? 3
Restoring magic items? 1
Roleplaying classes? 1
Rosethorn Hall upgrades? 3
Rosethorn Hall, the person is gone? 2
Should I be a vampire or not? 1
Should i buy the game of the year edition or normal first? 1
Sneak kill help? 3
SOmebody tell me how to not be a vampire anymore, I have 60 hours logged int o this game and cannot start over now? 2
Storage area? 1
Strange marks on almost every Aylied well? 1
T rated Oblivion game? 1
Taking care of lex? 1
The Elder Scrolls V? 1
The guy who sells the skingrad house is dead??? 2
The Shivering Isles? 1
Turn undead? 1
Was becoming Grand Champion supposed to feel like a hollow victory? 1
Were is the super rat also known as the das uber rat? 1
What are all of the Daedric Shrines and where are there locations? 1
What are all the house prices and house size? 1
What are some good necromancer areas? 1
What are these symbols in the inventory menu? 2
What creatures qualify as "grand souls"? 1
What do the magic stones do? 1
What gives? 2
What is Maiq the Liar good for? 3
What is the best/most useful birthsign in general? 1
What is the difference between blade and blunt weapons? 2
What is the quickest way 2 level up? 2
What is wrong with my appearance (related to Vampirism)? 1
What race is better? 1
What's the best combonation of race, sign, stat, and skill selection for a hand to hand fighter? 1
What's the fastest way to level up? 2
Whats it like? 3
Whats the fastest horse in the game? 1
Whats up with First Mate Malvius? 2
When you become Arch Mage, do you get the room? 1
When's the best time to start doing side quests? 1
Where are the cheapest houses in Oblivion? 1
Where can I buy a spell to recover other peoples magic? 2
Where can i find a detect life spell? 2
Where can I find a shop that has more than 1200 gold? 1
Where can I find bears? 1
Where can I store my equipment? 1
Where do i buy Chameleon spells? 1
Where do i buy the basic Chameleon spell? 1
Where do i find someone who can teach armory? 1
Where is Dorian after money glitch? 1
Where is the Garden of Dareloth? 2
Where is the limperial legion compound??? 1
Where is the tower up in the mountains? 1
Wheres fort farragut? 1
Wheres ongar? 1
Wheres the ayleid ruins? 1
Which is better Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion vs Fable II ? 2
Who is Audens Avidius? 1
Why can't i sell? 1
Why cant i train with anyone? 1
Why did my apprentice mage that follows me suddenly drop dead? 1
Why do dead AI just randomly vanish? 1
Why does Areldur not appear for the Knights of the Nine? And what is OBVC? 7
Why won't it let me get into the Shivering Isles? 1
Why won't you regenerate!? Damn you! 1
WHY wont anyone train me??! 1
Why wont the gods bless me? 2
Will City-swimmer every respawn? 3
Will items stored in chests in your house disappear? 1
Will stats/skills over 100 benifit attacks? 3
Witch is the best way to level up ur level and skills harder difficulty or easier? 4
Would this game be cheaper in Houston or Germany? 4

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