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The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion                   
Walkthrough and FAQ for the Fighters Guild Quests
Written by: BlackMist27
This file is Copyright (c)2006 BlackMist27. All rights reserved.


The fighters guild is quite different from the Mages guild, in this guild
there are only 3 quest givers in total.

You can find a fighters guild hall in each large city, except for the
imperial city. Three branches are the ones you'll visit most often.

Chorrol, in which you can find both the master of the guild; Vilena
Donton, and one of the main quest givers; champion of the guild Modryn

In Anvil you can receive quests from Azzan and in Cheydinhal you can
receive them from Burg gro-Khash.

You'll spend your time in the guild travelling back and forth between
Chorrol, and the two other cities. The quest line as I've written down is
simply in the order in which I did them, often the quests between the
Chorrol quests can be done in the order of your choosing.



    * 1. Associate
    * 2. Apprentice
    * 3. Journeyman
    * 4. Swordsman
    * 5. Protector
    * 6. Defender
    * 7. Warder
    * 8. Guardian
    * 9. Champion
    * 10. Master


So you have been kicked out?

1st time you get kicked out you need to find 20 bear pelts.  The best place
to find them is at the Three Brother's Trading Goods in the Imperial
Market district, each of the two brothers that sells goods there has
5 of them.  After you buy the 10 total sleep for about a week
(just to be on the safe side, it may be less)and they will restock.

2nd time you get kicked out you need to find 20 Minotaur Horns.  There are
a few ways you can go about getting them.

1)If you are the arena grand champion you can sometimes fight Minotaurs in your
weekly fights.
2)Some shops sell one or two of them.  So just keep sleeping till they restock.
3)Go the Harcane Grove, there are 3 Minotaurs there.  WARNING: Be careful
there, the Unicorn is in that grove, and if it sees you with your weapon out
it will attack you.  (The Harcane Grove is directly east of the In of Il Omen)
After you kill those Minotaurs just use the other ways to try and get 20 of
them.  Sorry guys there is no easy way for this one.



Hehe, deja-vu? ;-) Nope, don't worry, this time you're not asked to kill
some rats, this time you're asked to protect rats.

Speak to Azzan at the bottom of the Anvil Fighters guild and he'll
mention a problem in Arvena Thelas's house. She's fond of the rats that
live in her basement, but lately they've been dying.

Once in her basement you'll find a mountain lion attacking the rats. Kill it
And speak to Thelas again, and then to the person she sends you to;
Penarus Inventius. WHo can be found at his house.

Accompany him to the place outside of town and kill the mountain lions
you find there.

Then return to Arvena and Speak to her again to find out there is another
mountain lion in her basement. After killing it she'll mention there might
be foul play involves and accuses a neighbor Quill-Weave and asks you
to spy on her.

If you make sure to be in Arvena's backyard before 8p.m. and that you're
not detectable, you'll be able to catch Quill-Weave in the act.

Afterwards confront Quill with what you saw, and she'll admit to being
the cause of the mountain lions, though she never intended that. Then
report your success first to Arvena and then to Azzan.


The Shopkeeper

Azzan sends you to Norbert Lelles, the owner of a shop there in Anvil.
You're hired to stop the thefts going on in there.

Enter through the backdoor and speak to Norbert and he'll explain this

Stay there over the night and you'll be confronted by three thieves, kill all
three and report your success to Norbert who can now be found in the
Flowing Bowl.

Then report your success to Azzan to finish the quest.


Desolate Mine

Speaking to Burz on the second floor of the guildhall will give you this
quest. He'll ask you to deliver three weapons to some guild members and
to help clear out a mine filled with goblins.

The mine can be found northwest of the city. Inside speak to the three
members and give them their weapons, they'll ask for what they prefer to
use. After they have their weapons you can accompany them in clearing
out the mine.

Make sure they all survive to receive the highest reward for this. Speak to
Burz again to receive a promotion to journeyman and finish the quest.


Unfinished Business

After travelling to Chorrol, first speak to the guild's master and then to
Oreyn the champion.

You'll be sent to complete the task of another member of the guild. Travel
to Skingrad, to the west weald inn, and speak to maglir there.

He'll explain the actual quest, travel to the Fallen rock cave, to the
northwest of Skingrad and find the journal of Brenus Astis.

You're able to get through the rocks and such in that cave by using your
weapon. Once you have it, report to Oreyn again and face the choice of
either covering for Maglir and missing a fame bonus, or not doing so and
getting both a reward and a fame bonus.


Drunk and Disorderly

Next oreyn sends you to Leyawiin, to make sure three members there
cause no further trouble. Inside the Five Claws Lodge is where you can
find them.

Once inside, the owner comes to you and again pleads with you to solve
the problems there before they get started. Rather then fighting them, this
time speaking to them is enough. They'll ask you for a job to keep them

Your new task is to find Margarte, a lady who spends her afternoon to the
west of the city. And at other times inside the city itself in her house.

Speak to her to receive a quest to get her 5 pieces of ectoplasm. Either kill
ghosts for them or buy them from a store. Hand them to her and she'll
agree to give the three unhappy guild members a job.

Speak to Prelius inside the five claws again and they'll be happy to finally
have a job and agree to leave the lodge.

Report back to Oreyn in Chorrol to finish the quest.


Den of Thieves

Possibly the most annoying quest of the fighters guild. For one because it
features the woodelf Maglir again, and second because you'll be forced to
cover his back once again.

Speak to Azzan to get this quest, he'll mention some thieves have stolen
an heirloom and you're forced to retreive it and kill the robbers.

Speak to the fighters guild members to get the name of one of the victims,
Newheim the portly. Speak to him to get more info on both the thefts and
the heirloom.

You're sent to the hrota cave, north of Anvil. While in the cave, make
sure to both kill all the robbers in there and keep maglir alive, watch out
for falling rocks as well.

The heirloom, Newheim's flagon, can be found in the last of the large
rooms in the cave.

Once you've killed the robbers, retreived the flagon and kept Maglir alive,
report back to Azzan to complete the quest.



Speak to Burz in Cheydinhal and he'll send you off to Water's edge,
which can be found on the lower Niben's west side.

Once there speak to Biene Amelion. In the end the object is to get 1000
gold, either by handing over that sum yourself, or by crawling through a
dungeon. Personally, since whenever I have the money I prefer the lazy
way to the intensive way ;-) I choose to donate the money myself. I went
back one time on that quest though to see the other side, just so I could
explain here.

The dungeon is the ancestral tomb of miss Amelion, she gives you the
location to that which is to the south east of Waters edge. All the way
inside, you'll find the long sword and cuirass of Amelion's father ontop of
his grave.

Everything else you find in there is yours to keep. After handing Amelion
the money she needs, report back to Burz to finish this quest and be
promoted to protector.


The Master's Son

For the next quest, return to Chorrol and speak to Oreyn once again. He'll
send you off to the nonwyll cavern in search of Galtus previa whose gone

But don't be overjoyed just yet, this is yet again an escort mission only
this time, rather then having to escorting an annoying Bosmer, you'll be
escorting the son of the guildmaster herself.

Seek him out in his house in Chorrol, and explain the quest to him. Once
he's clear on this travel together to the Nonwyll cavern. You can find this
cave to the north of Chorrol. Be carefull, it's filled with creatures and
you'll have to defend not just yourself, but Viranus (the son) as well as
he's not exactly a born fighter to put it mildly.

In the deepest room in the cave you'll find the body of Galtus. Seeing the
body is enough to be able to report back to Oreyn and finish the quest.


More Unfinished business

Yay, yet another encounter with Maglir. Oreyn sends you to him as it
seems he's once again failed to go through with a quest he was sent on.

Find him in Bravil, in the lonely suitor lodge. Depending on wether or not
you covered for him in the earlier quest, he'll either be kind or
threathening. Either way, get the name of Aryarie from him or from
Oreyn again.

Aryarie can be found at the mages guildhall, and asks you to get her 10
portions of imp gall, from the robber's glen cave, located to the northwest
of the city.

Speak to her again to receive a small reward, and then off to Oreyn to
finish the quest.


Azani Blackheart

Oreyn tells you a long tale about the blackwood company, a rival
company, and asks if you will join him, say yes and he'll suggest meeting
you at the Leyawiin guildhall from where you'll travel together to the
fortress of Arpenia. Located above the east side of the lower Niben.

Another option is to fast travel to that location. Once there you'll see it
totally empty. and Oreyn suggest paying the real hideout of Azani a visit

This is Atatar, an Ayleid ruin to the northeast to which you'll travel
together. Fight your way through everything and then Azani himself to
finish the quest. Give the ring you find on his corpse to Oreyn for a
promotion to warder and you'll ne sent on your way again.


Wandering Scholar

Speak to Azzan again for this quest. He'll send you off to the brittlerock
cave, which can be found near Sutch and accompany her inside and of
course protect her.

She'll be waiting for you there, so simply lead the way inside, kill
everything that gets in your way untill you reach the bottom. There Elante
stays behind and you can report your success to Azzan.



Speak to Burz for this next quest. He'll point you to Bravil where 4
prisoners have escaped and fled to a cave. Asking any NPC with a
disposition of over 60 will point you to the bloodmayne cave.

Once inside, it's simple. Kill all four escaped prisoners and loot if you
wish. Report back and ask for a promotion to be promoted to Guardian
and finish the quest.


Trolls of the forsaken mine

Speak to Oreyn again, to get the quest to check out a forsaken mine.
Inhabited by trolls, other members were sent there to clear it out, but
since they apparently failed, it now comes to you.

The mine is located to the southwest of Leyawiin, travel there and enter
through the west entrance. Once inside you'll find a number of bodies
lying down near the entrance, one of which is the son of the guildmaster
whom you helped earlier. After finding the bodies, continue to clear out
the mine.

You'll be able to find the journal of Varinus and when you have it and
have cleared out the mine, return to oreyn to finish this.


The Stone of St Alessia

Go to Anvil for this next quest, and find that you've been demoted two
ranks since Oreyn was blamed for the death of Varinus and you have to
suffer as well.

Azzan asks you to retreive a stolen stone. Travel to the chapel of bruma to
hear the full tale here from the healer Cirroc.

After speaking to him, travel due east out of town to stumble across the
Khajiit K'Sharr. He admits to having stolen the stone, but tells you it was
stolen by ogres and taken into the Ayleid ruin of Sedor. Inside figh your
way past a number of ogres and at the bottom you'll discover the stone.

Take the stone back to Bruma, and then travel back to Anvil to finish the


The Daughter

Travel to Cheydinhal, and speak to Burz and he'll tell you to go speak to
the lord Rugdump. He has an estate northwest of lake Arrius.

You'll be asked to return his daughter home who'se been kidnapped by
ogres. Find them to east of the mansion and kill them.

Once you killed them, speak to the daughter and she'll follow you back to
her fathers estate. Once there her father will thank you with a sword and
you can go see Burz again to finish the quest.


Harlun's Watch

Next, Burz sends you to a small settlement called Harlun's watch. Travel
due south untill you reach this and speak to Drarana Thelis.

She'll tell you a story about a lost party, and you're the one to find the lost
party again. Travel to the southeast into the swamps, and then into the
swampy cave there.

Inside you'll find a number of trolls to kill, and the body of Eduard
Denile. After you find it, your journal get's updated and you're instructed
to kill all the trolls in there.

Do so and return to Burz for a promotion to champion.



Speak to Oreyn again at his house, and he'll wish to pursue the
Blackwood company a bit more.

He sends you to the Glademist cave, east of Chorrol to capture Ajum
Kajin. When you get there, make sure you kill everyone but Ajum and
then speak to Ajum to get him to agree to follow you. Be carefull not to
miss others as they will swarm you when you speak to Ajum.

There are seven gaurds btw. And after Ajum agrees to follow you, return
to oreyn's house.

Once there, it's time to get the information from Ajum. Either raise his
disposition to 90 to receive it, or beat him untill he does. Though make
sure not to kill him. The topics for this are "100 members" and
"Ri'Zakar". If you question him further, he'll commit suicide.

Speak to oreyn again and the quest is finished.



Next up, Oreyn asks you to infiltrate the Blackwood company and find
out the last thing you need to know. Travel to Leyawiin, and find the
fighters guild there. to the south of it is a building used by the company as
HQ. Enter it and speak to Jeetum-Ze, he'll allow you to join and explain
some things about the company.

They offer you some sap of a Hist tree, something usually only found in
Argonia. Drink it to be transported to water's edge. Once there you'll have
to follow the others, and come across some goblins, both inside and

Kill them all and you'll once again be transported, though this time to
Oreyn's house in Chorrol.

He'll send you back to water's edge to look around, once you get there,
you'll find a number of bodies lying around at the same place as where
you killed the goblins earlier. Don't worry, even though you feel bad,
there's nothing that could have stopped you from doing this. Report back
with that info to Oreyn.


Hist Tree

Next up; revenge! Speak to Oreyn to get the quest to finish off the HQ of
the blackwood company and their Hist tree.

Travel back to Leyawiin and the company's HQ and kill everyone in sigh,
including Jeetum-Ze, and the leader of the company, Ri'Zakar. Those two
and the two argonian mages you find in the basement, are likely to be the
toughest fights there so be prepared.

Down in that basement, you'll notice two pipes lying about, one on a table
and the other on the floor, take them and use them to activate the two
pumps in the room which destroys the Hist tree.

You're not done yet however, once back upstairs, you'll be confronted and
attacked by maglir, the turncoat and will have a chance to kill him. He'll
also accuse you of ruining his life and such, (Gaenor anyone? ;-) ) I
advice you to take your time killing him ;-)


The End

Well, that's the end, you'll be promoted to Master after you speak to
Vilena, and be advised to choose Oreyn as your second in command and
that will be that.

You do however have some control left, mostly regarding your reward
you have the choice of either recruiting more members, or getting more
jobs. The first gives you more items as reward, the latter more gold.

Speak to Oreyn for this choice.

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