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A Vast World only Destroys Itself, but Everything Else is Good9NineBreaker97/10
The best game I have ever played.AmericanLink10/10
If up is down and black is white, then fun is Oblivion!CapnWellpoint4/10
Not exactly a stellar RPG and a lukewarm action/adventureEdward_R_Murrow5/10
Despite destroying its roots, Oblivion manages to become an okay experience... if you're new to the series.elsquanto5/10
Have 300 hours to spare?mashpotatoking9/10
My, What a Big World You Have...aubradley849/10
A great WRPG, better than Morrowind in some waysCardigansFan8/10
Depth and detail lost, but still worth playing.Crofty7/10
A masterpiece worthy of the Elder Scrolls namedws9010/10
Throw Your Mind Into OblivionEnders Shadow8610/10
Greatest mind-wrapper I ever played.Eternal_Warlord9/10
Certainly flawed, but amazingly addictive.EvilTrash9/10
A great game, but playing it again makes me see the flaws.Exodist9/10
Who siad games can't be perfect?Faded_Dust10/10
Awesome isn't the right word, but its the first that comes to mindFargus649/10
The One and Only... It is Oblivionfoshkey10/10
Into the jaws of OblivionGalactus216/10
A Different Person in a Different Worldhorror_spooky8/10
Find him... and close shut the jaws of Oblivion.INoble10/10
The vast world offers unparalleled freedomkennykaos3179/10
Good enough to rival almost any RPG gamelighty6919/10
Incredible at first, but impossible to repeat.Longsword247/10
Oblivion. A great game.LWcaretaker9/10
Say welcome to your parallel lifeMarkusIII10/10
Oblivion has broken my Golden Rule; this is the one game that warrants a full score.Me_Myself10/10
Sixteen Square miles to saveNpeaen9/10
One of the greatest western RPGs of all timeOsafune210/10
Close Shut the Gates of OblivionRyan Gillam10/10
The game of all games! The next game of the year!SilverLord10/10
Does it live up to the hype?Sinroth7/10
Oblivion 4 realzTheDarkness6549/10
The quintessential open-ended RPG experienceTKDBoy188910/10
Insanely good RPG!!!Tomdogg10/10
In the end, it's like a beautifully directed movie full of really, really bad actors.velmarg9/10
Oblivious to the Obvious Obstinant Ostricization that Occurs with Oblivion; Ignorance is BlissVespa8/10
One of the best games on the 360wolverinefan10/10
Enter the Realm of Oblivion!xXJade_DragonxX9/10

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Wow! And to think I thought it wouldn't live up to Morrowind...Bect10/10
Into Oblivion and Back! An all around great game!bigtmor69/10
Farewell life, hello Oblivion.Brad Da Man10/10
If this is a good game, then I worry about the future of gaming in general.Calamity5/10
A Review of Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionChosen29/10
Instant ClassicChronic_Apathy9/10
Excellence in GamingDandyQuackShot9/10
See one place, see them all.DemoSquared7/10
A bound forward from Bethesda from great to nigh flawless.Evil Monkey X10/10
The most immersive game ever made! (Includes Big Words)gamepolice10/10
One of the best RPG's I have ever playedGolden_ArcV210/10
Oblivion is a good game, but frustrating problems abound.GoldStatue7/10
Good but not greathaeairnoens8/10
Size Isn't EverythingHurgle776/10
Epic? Not really, but a good game nonethelessImperialSchwann8/10
Beyond my lofty expectations.Isentaur10/10
Welcome to the next generation.james210/10
Unbiased View: Amazing Game, even with a few glitches...Lancerboy239/10
I Thought it was a Pretty Cool GameLiu Domi9/10
Xbox 360's Saviorlone_banana9/10
As someone who wasn't a Morrowind fan, I still think this game is amazing!MasterShake219/10
One of the Best RPGs Ever!mkbk10/10
Elder Scrolls IV is what they made it to be, amazingMooytheman10/10
A great game of (almost) endless funNickyGee9/10
A fantastic RPG that will keep you busy for a long time.ninjacow229/10
If you could have one game for the 360, this would be it.NWalterstorf9/10
Elder Scrolls to a New LevelOni Chikara8/10
A Review coming from someone who usually hates all RPGs.pyroman9310/10
The Greatest Game I Have Ever PlayedScared8910/10
Simply Amazing!Shadow.10/10
All the things you loved about Morrowind beefed up for the Xbox 360.shockwave4110/10
Lock the door, turn off the phone. You are in Oblivion now.Solusx29/10
Oblivion, a great game, but not perfect.starjackerseth9/10
The Elder Scrolls IV is simply amazing. AMAZING!Teh_Eliteness10/10
Close shut the jaws of oblivion, and in turn give up your life as you know it.treasonous9/10
After all the hype, itís just a mediocre gameUmbra05/10
ESIV or just another adventure game?Venomous_Elf6/10
Didn't Live Up To the Hype...witelightnin6/10
Great, but could've been better...XelhosTallyn8/10
I'll just play for a little longer...xFactor101x9/10
An awesome RPG if not the bestXShadowStrike999/10
Dumbed down MorrowindZarquon_427/10

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Not That Goodx17x2xwildx4/10
One of the best games of all time.anonymous4677310/10
Explore, Barter, and Close Shut the Jaws of Oblivion!ArkfellerKonan9/10
Simply Amazing....One of the best RPG's every created....bloodhawk12349/10
Final Fantasy what? Oblivion defines RPGbluebrad197410/10
Wow, what a game.bradonius9/10
The best xbox 360 game to dateCj_will_win9/10
Bethesda creates a new chapter of their Elder Scrolls Sage and it meets expectationsDarthRLink8/10
A great game with deep gameplay and few flaws.Death_Elf9/10
A truly wonderful gaming experienceDisrespected9/10
Quite Possibly the best RPG, or game I have ever played.dreamcastrocks410/10
A must have RPG, whether you're an expert or a beginner.Drunky10/10
While Oblivion EASILY gets a 10/10, something still feels "missing."Dude Love Fan10/10
Oblivion: Awesome, but not perfect...electric_emu9/10
This game will suck you in, and never let go.fillup010/10
It was great but um... meh...Henoth6/10
"Find Him and Close Shut . . the Jaws . . . of Oblivion."JagDogger25259/10
One of the best games in the last 10 years !kaimargonar1210/10
Unbelievable just doesnt quite put it.kkkkjq9/10
Four Words For Elder Scrolls 4: Game of the Yearlink0212910/10
Awesome GameLoNesTaro19/10
Oblivion: Up to My standards, but to yours?maleman248/10
Very Good Game. But Flaws Are Apparentmikeranus8/10
A Great RPG That Ruined RPGs (a review on specific content)pornstar_jc9/10
Amazing Game with a Few Serious Flawsrichy3408/10
Too much here to be ignored!rocksterL10/10
A stunningly beautiful disappointmentSunsetspawn4/10
Absolutely Phenomenal, A must play for anybodyTBurnerx10/10
The gates have opened.tcaz10/10
Fantastic in it's own way, but fell short of expectations.toriannesinger8/10
Extremely fun and innovative rpg.VoodooDog9/10

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