Question from Crazyman93

Where can I find a scoped Gewer?

I'v heard it exists in single player, but otherwise can't find it.

LegendaryGamer0 asked for clarification:

In which level?There are several levels in which you can find it.

Crazyman93 provided additional details:

Any level really.

Accepted Answer

Touchdown_Boy answered:

There's one in the Soviet campaign; I believe it's in the mission where you are repairing the phone wire, towards the end - before you encounter the tank you must blow up.
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sk8r527 answered:

The scoped gewer can only be found in the singleplayer campaign.
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ddlkll answered:

It can only be used in SP not MP. But in SP you should be able to find it when you kill an enemy that was at a sniper base. IIRC There is also one in a bunker on Hill 400.
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ipod13 answered:

last time I play i found them huge open areas.
like hill-400, D-day.
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