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Help me identify my XBOX 360 please? :)

Hey guys!

I've been reading many posts and threads on this topic... but I just want to be extra sure...

I just got a used/refurbished XBOX 360 from EB Games today (I'm not 100% sure, but I THINK it was traded in?)

It says it was manufactured in 2006 and also says 16.5 A, which at first led me to believe it's a Xenon/Zephyr

However, it also has an HDMI port, and the power connector is the 2nd generation one (the one without the pin in the middle)

So does that mean the machine is actually a Falcon that used to be a Xenon/Zephyr? Or is it possible for a Xenon/Zephyr to have the 2nd gen power connector?

I *would* look inside the XBOX to see the inductors (?), but I don't want to open the box in case I want to exchange it for another XBOX...

So is it a Xenon/Zephyr or a Falcon?


mushy_eyes provided additional details:

itwizz: Yes, that's what I thought at first too (that it's a Xenon/Zephyr) because of the 16.5A

But how do you explain the pegless power connector? (aka. a 2nd generation one that is supposedly a Falcon)


itwizz answered:

Look on the back of your 360, near the power input. There is a sticker that has the 12V rating. The number next to it will be one of 5 things, and also tell you what model XBox 360 you have:

Xenon/Xephyr - 16.5A
Opus - 14.2A (refurbished Xenon with no HDMI)
Falcon- 14.2A
Jasper- 12.1A
(For those interested, the lower the number, the lower risk of RRoD [by a small percentage]).
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itwizz answered:

If you've bought a refurbished console then it's entirely possible that they replaced the power brick with another one.
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