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Can I plug my ethernet cable into my router into my phone jack?

I am getting Xbox Live soon.
Will I be able to plug my ethernet cable into my router into my phone jack for Xbox Live to work properly?

FireFox_814 provided additional details:

Ok so my router has no chance of plugging into my phone jack?

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IrishWang answered:

Just to clarify. Contrary to what itwizz said, there is never any reason to plug a phone line into a router. If you are still running dial-up or DSL, then you would plug the phone line into a MODEM, not a router. If you already have internet access you should have a modem, all you would have to do is connect an ethernet cable from the modem to your router, then another cord from the router to your 360, then set up Live.
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IrishWang answered:

No. The phone line and ethernet lines are a different type of cable system. Phone jacks are RJ-11 and ethernet is RJ-45. Not only are the connections different sizes, but they are also wired differently.
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itwizz answered:

The router has to be plugged in to the phone line or you'd get no Internet access but the ETHERNET cable can ONLY be plugged into either the router or a computer with Internet Connection Sharing enabled.
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FireFox_814 answered:

Ok thanks.
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itwizz answered:

Please close this now it has been answered.
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itwizz answered:

You're better of asking this here: or in the PC answers forums as you are asking a very technical question.

Please close this question and repost in one of the forums.
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