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How do I transfer data from one user to another?

I have two accounts - one is Michael, which I made when I first got the 360, and the other is mikevsshark, which would be for online if I ever get online. Michael has my DW6 data on it, as well as my Infinite Undiscovery on it.

I have to be logged on to Michael to play these games? Because when I was on mikevsshark, it could not find data for DW6. So my question is how would I be able to get my data from Michael to mikevsshark to play while logged onto mikevsshark?

Thank you.

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oblongman7 answered:

The save files created on a certain profile can ONLY be used by that profile, and only on one Xbox at a time. You can't switch data from one account to another. Next time think it through before you make 2 accounts.
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Bennerd answered:

heres what i did for tiger woods 08 when i had a person i made on one xbox and wanted him on another, i used one of those 128ish megabite portable 360 flash drive that probably came with the system way back when, and i went to my settings then to memory and copied the character from my HDD to the flash drive, then i just plugged in the flash drive into the other xbox and copied it onto that HDD, i also did this with oblivion, so basicly if you have one of those flash drives sign in, copy, sign into the other character and copy to your HDD again, i hope this works, i did it for 2 seperate xboxs and HDD so im not sure if it will
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