Question from SpartanBlueFour

Asked: 5 years ago

Disc won't play even though it's not damaged... help?

I know this question has been asked a bunch of times but they are different from case to case, so...

Every time I put in the game "Army of Two" I get a disc read error like,
-"Put the xbox 360 game in an xbox 360 console." (Of course I have it in the xbox 360 when I get this message too.)
-I've also gotten a message like "Disc is dirty and needs to be cleaned" (The disc isn't even scratched?!? I just haven't played it in like a year or so.)

So I don't know what's wrong because this is the only game I'm having problems with. None of my other games do that. But what's wrong with my disc or console? (I just got my xbox back from repairs and my game disc looks fine. What's going on????)

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Firstly try another copy of the game but if that doesn't work then The DVD Drive is on the blink so you'll have to return it for a warranty repair.

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Try the game in another console and see if it works, as it maybe the disc.

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