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Asked: 6 years ago

How can I get xbox live through my laptop?

I asked a while ago and i didn't get any real help(didn't ask on gamefaqs) and I was wondering if someone could give me step by step instructions on how get it working through an ethernet port.

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From: MaikeruRX-78 6 years ago

You seem to be asking about Internet Connection Sharing... it's really not all that tough, I think, provided you have either 2 ethernet ports or one ethernet and a wireless card inside of your laptop.

Connect to your DSL or cable modem using one of the ethernet ports or the wireless port on your laptop. After that, connect the computer to the Xbox using an ethernet crossover cable (not a regular patch cable!). Crossover cable is used to connect two devices to one another directly.

On your PC, configure the IPv4 settings of the ethernet port used to connect the PC and the console. Set the IP address to a private address, ideally something like, with a subnet mask of Leave the gateway address blank. Manually set the DNS settings, but leave that blank as well.

That *should* work, or at least it works for me with a 20GB Pro and Windows Vista on an Everex notebook.

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Impossible. you need to plug it straight into a router or Modem.

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Not true. There's a way to do it, my friend does it. I hope someone clarifies it for you, and for me.

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There are alot of videos of this on youtube. I just used the ethernet cable that came with the 360 to connect to the laptop for live.

*I would post a link but it wont let me for some reason, just ask the same question on youtube.

Good luck!!

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