Question from IcyCore

How can I set up an internet connection for my 360?

I'm thinking about getting XBL Silver for Downloadable content and I need to know what sort of hardware I might need to connect to the internet.


jmeis982 answered:

Do you have High Speed Internet already? If so, you would need a router (rough cost $100 or less) and an ethernet cable. If you do not have high speed, you would need to get high speed, and that would require some kind of modem. If it's just for your 360 you would only need the modem but to also hook up a computer you would need a router.
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mitsmirage answered:

If you have a router then you can get an etherner cable and plug on end into your xbox and the other end into the router or you can do it wirelessly by buying a wireless router and the wireless accessory that plugs into your xbox.
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