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Asked: 5 years ago

Yellow light on controller?

Recently my wired 360 controller has just stopped working. It was plugged into the machine correctly but the pad wouldnt light up showing a connection. I opened up my pad & stripped the main controller wire to see that on of the four internal wires was broken. I have fixed the break in the wire & connected the pad back to the machine & it works but a yellow / orange light has come up on segment 2 of the guide button. I would like to know what this means & also that if the machine recognises it as a modded pad, would i still get achievements (just to be on the safe side). At the moment I am using the spare wirless pad I save for split screen gaming as use the wired one to save on bateries.

Additional details - 5 years ago

I noticed that there was a slightly losse screw on the contoller that I did not do up quite right so I tightened it. The light used to change from orange to yellow every now & again but now stays yellow constanly. I have also noticed that if i turn the machine off the light stays on when it is still plugged in.

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From: DudeElLoco 5 years ago

WooHoo! I have fixed it! Does not block achiements. Loose / stained wire.

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The orange and yellow most like means that the xbox recongizes that there is an issue with the controller and i would not be worried about the xbox seeing it as a modded controller as long as it does not alter the game play in anyway.

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