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Why does my xbox360 say play DVD when i have a game inserted?

I have a good game inserted,and have tried different games as well, i formatted my hard drive for memory, and that didnt work either. When I turned it on it still says PLAY DVD. So i tried to see if it would do that,, And it does play the DVD just fine. But i cant play a game,and they are original games, and im not playing online,just home. Theres no RROD now,i fixed that, but still reads play dvd instead of play game....HELP,,,PLEASE


iceman0036 answered:

Try to get a boot disc or sumthin like that. Mine has that same problem too. But only on Particular games. Put the boot disc in then put your game in.
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mitsmirage answered:

You may need a new DVD drive, I had the same with a early 2008 Arcade console, and I had mine fixed and now it works excellent, without any problems. Send it to Microsoft for repair, if the console is still within the 1 year warranty then it can be fixed free of charge by Microsoft.
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mw2hardcore answered:

you need a kind of DVD for your 360 called the "lock breaker". (if your xbox is a copy likemine because i live in iran) some games like MW2,tekken 6 etc need it . it says "xbox console 2010" by the cover's side. and it has a picture of a metallic xbox with controller on the back and on the front it has red and grey colors. new games like BO K&L 2 DD dont need it.
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