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Im new to xbox live and i bought a router to connect but it wont get a signal. Can anyone help?

I recently have bought an xbox and got rid of my ps3 but when i got it i wasnt allowed to connect it to the bt home hub as it was in the living room. So i bought a belking router to connect to my xbox but the dns settings are different and i cant get them to change or connect to the xbox. The xbox will connect directly to the bt home hub but not the router. Can anyone suggest a thing?

scout486 asked for clarification:

Or adapter


berserkersam answered:

You have to buy a wireless adapter for the 360.
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mitsmirage answered:

Did you buy a Xbox wireless adapter, as unlike the PS3 the Xbox 360 does not have integrated. You will need one of these to connect your Xbox 360 to the internet. Also make sure your router is compatible with your Xbox 360 console.
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Fallthereaper answered:

Sometimes you have to unplug the router for 10 seconds then it should work if not then you go out and buy a wirless adapter
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scout486 answered:

You need to buy a x box 360 live card and i see them at Von btw you need a wireless router
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rabbitmaster54 answered:

All you have to do is get a cable and conect it from you xbox to you internet or just get the wireless witch will cost you about 100 to 200 or get cable to fit nicely for about 10 to 50 dollers
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