Question from T8_R

How do I delete an online gamercard so I can use my same email account?

I don't want to sign up for another e-mail, and I don't want to lose my offline achievments. My online gamercard is 0.


Mouser05 answered:

You can do two things:

A. Go to system settings, memory, gamer-profiles delete.
B. Go to account settings.... it is one of the options that pops up but I don't remember which one it is.
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paniccat answered:

I have deleted gamer profiles and they still remain on xbox live, just not physically on any console. I don't think it is possible, I had to make a new email.
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TooEvil4Hell answered:

you cant delete a gamertag. all you can do is change the email to a different one. I've called customer support trying to delete a gamertag before. It can't be done. all you can delete is on your hard drive. the gamertag itself stays in xbox live's records.
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