Question from michaelkenneth

Asked: 5 years ago

Where to plug hdmi?

Not just hdmi cable, also the cable that must pluged to the plug below the av cable plug(red,yllow,white plug).. Hdmi plug is to close to av plug, and my av plug(to the xbox 360) is too big. When I want to plug the hdmi cable, I can't, it because the too big av cable.. So, how to plug it?

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From: Ghost_Turtle 5 years ago

It sounds like your trying to plug both up at the same time. You dont need the AV cables if your using HDMI cables.

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The hdmi port is located below the AV port. If you have purchased the correct HDMI cable then you should have no problem plugging it in. If it plugs into your TV then chances are you dont have a console with an HDMI port.

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If you are using a HDMI cable you do not need the AV / component cable then. You can only use one at a time, is doesnt benefit having both plugged in as your tv either runs using the av cables or the HDMI cable, not both.

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