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My Xbox turns off during middle of game and two red rings whats going to happen?

Well I got viva pinata recently, was really bored, and started playing it saturdat night with no xbox live at a friends house, then went an bought my own and when playing it like five to fifteen minutes the sc reen goes blank and my xbox is running with two red rings on the left side...oh its layin down if that helps..and has intercooler on the back to i would like some help or advice thanks to anyone

mitsmirage asked for clarification:

This means your console has overheated which causes it to turn off automatically until it has cooled down. Try placing your console in a well ventilated space not in a cupboard or next to any objects that produce too much heat. Leave it for a while before turning it on again.

By the way, intercoolers cause the RROD and this may be causing this problem, I would remove it immeditaley an would never ever purchase one let alone use an intercooler. They can also cause other problems as they scorch your consoles power supply causing a number of different problems like th one you are having.


bucketbot360 answered:

2 Red lights mean overheating with the xbox360 and thats it

using intercooler is not really recommended to be used so just let the console cool down after few hours and hopefully it will work, if it won't ,,,,,time to call xbox for a repair
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xXEriCizGoDXx answered:

Ive had my 360 for 2 and a half years. ive had the red ring b4 but i replaced a bracket inside of it and it works now. since u probably dont know how to replace it, i would recommend you unplug ur chords and blow inside them. thats what i would do. that and also take a can of air and blow air into the vent of your console. Hope it works. : )
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frankiejriv answered:

Well i know where you can find the guide where to fix it your xbox360 and its only gonna give you a low costly rate of $29.95 and its wayy much better than paying $230.00 thru the xbox company, so basically the choose on your??......Just click or copy this link:
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