Question from razorsandroses6

Can you play an NTSC game on a PAL console?

Here's my problem: Right now I'm living in Germany--I bought an Xbox 360 here and the game


mitsmirage answered:

Depends what game it is and the publisher of the game. Some games will work but some won't work depending on the game. You could try putting the game in you console and see if it boots or not. It will either play the game or reject it straight away. Also you would need a TV that supports NTSC. Most newer tvs support both NTSC and PAL.
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Sp4rt4nu answered:

If the game is ntsc you cannot play it.
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MarutiDriver answered:

No, you can't use NTSC games on a PAL console unless the game in question is region free. There are some utilities you can download to check your games and see what zone they are and see if they are region free. If they are, then they're going to work regardless of your console's zone.
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assimhussain answered:

Some games work ! i recently bought 4 games for my Nephews, all NTSC.. i tried it in my console which is PAL. 2 games worked but for other 2 it said region code doesnt match..
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