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If I get my xbox repaired, what chipset will I get back?

I have to turn my xbox in a 5th time(3RRoD, 1 E87, now a disc drive failure) and for some reason, I currently have a Xenon/Zephyr. I thought I had a Falcon because I had to get it fixed last February, but I got a Xenon back. I know Falcon is good, and Jasper is even better(in terms of how often they overheat), so either would be good. When I return it this time, will I get a Jasper or a Falcon? Or even a Xenon again(please no)?

skiergamer23 provided additional details:

I actually keep it in a well ventilated area, away from the power brick and my Wii, with a fan going on it and I feel the box every 15 minutes or so and if it feels to hot I open the door that is near it. I also never move the xbox unless the game is out of it, it is turned off, and unplugged. So I'm pretty sure I take good care of it. Maybe its just Microsofts console bugging out on me? I don't know.


TopIess_Grandma answered:

Well, if they have to replace the Xbox (sometimes they will just fix yours and give the same back), I am sure there is high chance it would at least be a Falcon.

Either way, try to take more care of it next time.
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etcher1981 answered:

if microsoft can't fix ur system they just send u a refurbished one (could be older could be newer) yes it is BS on Microsofts part but if u want a newer one ur gonna have to buy it.
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