Question from zachman60

How do i get unbanned?

I tried to go on xbox live and it asid i was banned and we pay for the games we download so can we say that and get unbanned or what?

zachman60 provided additional details:

I modifyed it so we can buy games and put it on a disc to play

zachman60 provided additional details:

Well my step dad modifyed it so we can pay for games on the internet and put them on a disc to play games

jkarta asked for clarification:

Is getting banned for the gold membership or both membership?


mitsmirage answered:

You cannot be unbanned from Xbox Live unless you use a different console. Did you get banned for using rapid fire controllers, modifiying your console to play pirated game or backup games to a hard drive. If you do not do this you will not be banned from Xbox Live.
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