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In any game I play using the headset, others can hear me but I cannot hear them?? PLEASE HELP

I have had 2 xbox and purchased tried 3 different headsets and always the same problem. I know that people can hear me because I was playing with a friend and via cell phone he said he could hear me fine, however, I can't hear anyone coming through. If I adjust the hookup there is a little static noise but then silence. And no its not the volume being off or turned down.


alex882 answered:

There are multiple reasons that i know of. First is that you might have muted them ingame on accident. Second is that something got in the headset jack making all of them not work. Third is it depends on if the new or used also if there 3rd party headsets otherwise meaning there not made by microsoft then they could be faulty. Fourth is the audio out wireing could be messed up. If you tried any of these problems and it's not that then im sorry i couldn't help.
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