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How do you get awards on Xbox live? do you have to do certain things like get all achievements on games? i dunno. Please help me?!

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What about Microsoft points? If i get any awards can i get Microsoft points as well or just Avatar stuff?

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From: mitsmirage 4 years ago

There is only a select few games like Halo 3 ODST (Halo Waypoint is needed to achieve awards) that have avatar awards. Theses are usually given when you compete certain achievements or objectives.

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The few are L4D2, Halo Waypoint and Bomberman. There may be others, but there are certainly not many.

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Just complete that 1 achievement and youl get an avatar item but you can only put it on in awards in avatar room

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A few that are out right now, for example Red Dead Redemption, have plenty of awards. When you press the Menu X button, there will be an "awards" option under achievements if a game has one. Red Dead Redemption in itself has about 6, and they are awarded just like achievements.

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Here is a list of all of the current Avatar Awards and how to unlock them.

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In red dead redemption you have to find a specific treasure chest open it then you will get the award, but its different for different games

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Meaby getting more game scores will get you an award.

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Yes, Award's are basically achievements that you can use on your avatar. for example: In Halo: Reach, If you kill 100 enemies in Campaign or Firefight, You're be awarded Jun's helmet for your avatar.

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