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What does 2 red rings mean?

Me and my friend were playing 360 for about an hour and a half and it suddenly turned off and two red rings appeared? HELP!!!

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It can play for about an hour before overheating it did it again today, and do I have to pay any money to get it fixed?

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But it still works fine only if it get s to hot in the room.

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Thanks anyways.

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diablo5843 answered:

If it still works then by all means keep using it, I'm just trying to let you know what your options are.
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diablo5843 answered:

Well, try playing with the 360 in the horizontal orientation. If that does not solve the problem then it is most likely an internal problem, DO NOT TRY TO OPEN YOUR CONSOLE!

I'm sorry to say you will have to call Microsoft tech support.Tell them that you have already tried all the troubleshooting steps listed on their website(that will save you 30 minutes on the phone).They will send you out a box and you send in your 360...You will have to live without it for around a month.

The problem is that inside your console the heatsinks that keeps your consoles CPU and GPU cool have malfunctioned and will no longer keep these components cool. Thus causing the 2 red rings. It is a common problem that the heatsinks become separated from the CPU/GPU. Microsoft should have no problems fixing your 360 for you.

BTW: Don't try any remedy that involves opening your 360, take advantage of the free repair.
DO NOT GET A COOLING UNIT IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY(unless you want to have a hunk of plastic melted to your console :D )
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diablo5843 answered:

No you don't have to pay anything, the only problem with sending it to microsoft is that it takes them a while to get to your console because they'd have a back log of consoles to fix.
Also should you or your parents buy a new 360, make sure you get the extended 12 month warranty because most if not all electronic and game stores offer in-shop warranties so that if something goes wrong you can take it straight to the shop you bought it from and replace it with a new one right away.
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