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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you connect the xbox 360 to the computer?

I just got my xbox 360. Can anyone help me?

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You'll need a special "cross" ethernet cable for a direct connection, but its much easier just to have them on the same network (via a router). Either way you'll be able to share music and video files, but your computer will have to have Windows Media Center.

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here is an officially link to Xbox's answer on how to connect through media center:
alternately & preferably, have both PC & xbox on (on the same network).
If you open windows media player click on library them share my media.
Select your xbox from the sharing list of "PC's" & when you search on your xbox for music or videos there will now be a link for your PC in which it will open up yopur shared folder.

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You can also do it wirelessly between you Xbox 360 and your computer, if they both have wireless adapters.

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