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Asked: 6 years ago

Why cant i connect to my wifi?

I have the adapter and xbox live card ready to activate, but here is the kicker...I cant connect to my network. Im sure it has to do with my security codes, it says in the help book that i need to match the codes or something, but how do i do that? Please help, thank you.

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What brand of computer are you using, like mac or windows?

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Sorry this should have been under the clarification status.

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if you have a wireless then you have to connect a USB cable to the Xbox 360 and then to the adapter..and you have to set it, so that it can share. The best bet would be to just reset your adapter, then set it up at the same time as your you can make sure it will work

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You shouldn't need to plug it in by usb, if yoiu have the wireless adapter plugged in, the XBOX should ask for your security cvode when trying to connect, if you're not sure what your security code is, if it's WEP, look on the bottom of your router, if it's a WPA code, go to your router settings and look for it there, it should then just connect, that's all I had to do to set it up

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Are you typing in the right security code as I had no problem as I new my security code and it connected within a minute of plugginh it in to my Xbox 360 console.

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