Question from Wedge1029

Asked: 4 years ago

Is 3 quadrant rrod bad?

My xbox has 3 quadrants lit up red. What does the 3 quadrants mean, and does all four quadrants light up or is this the worst. Is there a way to fix the 3 quadrants on my own or do i have to send it to microsoft, and if I have to send it in will it be free or do i have to pay. I bought it used so I dont know if the warranties are expired or not.

Accepted Answer

From: Fallen_soul83 4 years ago

That is the RROD..
All 4 usually means a video or power problem.
As long as its 3 years within the manufacture date and you DO NOT tell microsoft you bought it used you should be fine.
Just play dumb and call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and theyll go through some questions and get your info to send a prepaid box to you.
if it is out of warranty and you wanna try and fix it yourself hold the controller sync button and press the disc tray open button 4 will light up a 4 digit code..
1 light =1
2=2 3=3 and 4=0
and that 4 digit code google and theres a bunch of sites with posted issues and somewhat helpful repairs.

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