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Will a 20GB 360 play Halo: Reach?

Somewhere I heard that an early model of the 360 won't have the capibility to play Halo: Reach. I REALLY want to get it (once I get a 360 hopefully for my birthday) Any answeres are appreciated! (Exept ones saying 'just buy a new one!' or stuff like that please!) :)

TheMercMaster provided additional details:

But if I don't want to play co-op, I don't have to get a hard drive? And i'll be getting the 20 GB, not the 4 GB. So there's nothing to worry about?


PhydeWice answered:

I saw this on a Joystiq article:

Halo: Reach co-op requires hard drive, 4GB Xbox 360 Slims have to go solo [update: MS responds]

by Christopher Grant on Sep 15th 2010 2:30AM

So for the time being, co-op WILL NOT work on the newer units that have the 4GB built-in flash drives, nor will it work with USB flash drives. You must have a Microsoft certified HDD.
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