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Why does the color red look green?

When I use the RGB cables on my 360 all red colors turn to a forest green. When I use the analog cables colors are displayed correctly. I know that the problem isnt because of my cable because i went and bought new ones and the problem persists. Also it is not my tv because i tried both my PS3 and my cable box through the same input and red was visible in both. Does anyone know how to solve this issue becuase I would really like to be able to play my 360 in HD.


Red4710 provided additional details:

I have component cables thats what i have been using due to no HDMI port. Its not a green tint its that the color red is nonexsistent when i use component cables. Red is replace by a dark geen which throws off orange and pink as well as many other colors. Although when i use regular AV cables (not sure if thats the name they are the ones that came with the Xbox 360) all colors are correct. I havent found any other occurences of this problem.

Bobs2010 asked for clarification:

Then the best thing to do would be to borrow a set of component leads from a friend to test to see if your cables are at fault or the TV.

Have you also messed about with the 50hz/60Hz setting in the 360 HD settings?
How about setting the 360 to normal resolution, but keeping the component leads plugged in - Just with the switch over to normal output and see if you still have the colour issue?

Red4710 provided additional details:

I have tried two sets of cables and have tried the same jacks leading into the TV with my PS3. The problem lies with the 360 not the TV or the cables. How do you get to the 50/60 hz setting?


Bobs2010 answered:

Try here Red4710: Why_does_TV_Screen_have_green_tint_while_playing_Xbox_360_ game
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I'm guessing your 360 does not have a HDMI port, so why not buy the component leads that allow you to connect in HD? I used them for years and preferred it to HDMI.
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giannagab answered:

When I would play a DVD movie - the faces and background played in green -except yellow would be the only color that appeared in the movie. If you unplug your Xbox 360 Live for a day or will fix the problem.... I moved -and it took a couple of weeks to set up my Xbox 360 Live- and when I put in a DVD and played it - the colors were normal. Maybe try unplugging - and let sit for a couple of days.
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