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Why won't my battery pack charge?

I have one of those dual battery pack chargers where you put the battery packs in the device and it charges up without the controller being attached. I have two battery packs a white one and a black one and I usually use the black battery. A couple of days ago, I tried to recharge the black battery, and the lights one the charger wouldn't light up nor would the battery charge. I put in the white battery in both sockets and it would charge it. When I put the black battery in it my controller it will still activate and it says it has just barley two bars left. Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with my battery and tell me how to fix?

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I thought of that, but I would have figured that the pack would have died completely so I couldn't use it, but I can still use, it just won't charge.

darkdragon30544 provided additional details:

On another answers post a someone said they dropped their battery pack and found two rechargeable batteries in the pack. Now I'm wondering if I could open up the pack and put in two new rechargeable batteries. Would my idea work?


b2trumpet answered:

The battery packs eventually die and lose their charge after several months, even weeks. They're not the best charge packs. So what's happening is that the packs can't keep a charge.

I use normal Dericell, or Energizer Rechargeable AA batteries and charge those and they work for years.
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