Question from Zorion_X

why Xbox 360 marking up my cd's?

When i put a game into my 360 i play it and everything's going cool.then my game freezes.when i take out the game and see if it has any scratches(which there wasn't any when i put it in there)i see this halo ring around the close to the edge of the's not a scratch it looks like a fingerprint and it's circled around the cd.the marked doesn't rub off or happened to a game i only had for 2 days,but the game i had for 2 years doesn't have a scratch.has this happened to anyone,is there something wrong with my 360?


SilverHeWolf answered:

This is the result of your xbox 360 being moved while the disc is inside the system. All though it may not be ethical you can return the game to the store you bought it from and tell them it came that way for a new copy. (I in no way condone the pre-mentioned actions, it was just a thought that a friend brought to mind)
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Chevy_chevelle answered:

This Happend to my copy of MX vs ATV its now unplayable and because I bought it from Circut city I cant return it. It didnt happen to any of ny other games although iIplayed them more.....
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ReignofhellXX answered:

also known as Laser-Burn, happens when you put a 360 from a vertical base to a horizontal base or horizontal to vertical base, without turning the console off. rule of thumb: DO NOT MOVE THE 360 WITH A GAME IN IT.
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