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Why does the game keep telling me - Error: exceeded maximum number of script variables?

Just bought an Xbox 360 Kinect. Started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and I keep getting an error message when playng the campaign Vorkuta. The message reads: Error - exceeding maximum number of script variables. The screen is black except for the error message and there is the green 'A' icon to enter. When I press 'A' it takes me back to the start screen. When playing this level, I have to constantly fire the molotov coctails at the 3 targets but nothing happens. Then after many shots the error message appears. Ive gone back to the place of purchase, they have replaced the disk and the error still appears. Can anyone help me out as I cant get past this level. Thanks.

wsw23 asked for clarification:

The same exact thing has happened to me. I got the xbox kinect and when i play Black Ops it freezes up at the same place, and i have to start over. Did you ever find how to fix the problem?

SSM66 provided additional details:

Sorry not found solution. Asked guys at gaming retail store and they could not help. Ive not played Ops since. Hope its not a problem with the Kinect Xbox's.

SSM66 provided additional details:

Thanks MickMcKay360...i shall give it a go and see what happens. Cheers.


MickMcKay360 answered:

Unplug the Kinect sensor.
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